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Standing Up To The Big Bully

Einstein’s pithy and substantial words come to mind, this time for a different set of reasons. “The world is a bad place, not because of those who do evil deeds, but because there are those who see evil and do nothing”. Whether it’s the politicians who do evil things or the subjects who see evil being unleashed upon them and spread by the former, they simply sit back and do nothing.

Though there aren’t many from the two camps who qualify to be excluded from those as alluded to in Einstein’s quote, I see one glaring exception to that- the guy across the border who is in charge of that country as its top executive. And this is because of a whole lot of reasons: he has single handedly taken upon those mafia dons who are now in the opposition there and who have a track record of having looted that country dry by stealing hundreds and thousands of billions of cash from that poor country and invested and stashed it away in the banks abroad.

More importantly, he has shown uncommon grit and courage in taking on as powerful a thug as Uncle Sam who has a track record of throwing its weight around everywhere under the sun and reducing those places to rubble. By forcing its hand in such hotspots and Its handling of the situation there as in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan, it has been thoroughly inept and even arrogant.

After being made to eat dust in Afghanistan by the Taliban, it’s now beseeching IK to provide army bases on its soil so as to oversee the situation in Afghanistan after it formally exits from there at the end of what has been an ignominious and shameful defeat. It redounds to Imran Khan’s immense courage and spine to decline the big bully’s request who is not known to take a NO for an answer.

This is a grand departure from the past when a mere telephonic call even from non-descript officials in the US administration would get those at the helm of affairs anywhere in the region – including in India – to bend over backwards in a bid to propitiate their “goray Gods”! But I pray and hope that the ‘gods’ won’t go as far as to conspire to remove him from power – or more ominously, from the scene altogether. That’s how the big boss of the “civilised world” has been promoting its global hegemony behind the veneer of  democracy and civility!

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Written by M A Sofi


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