Spark in snow

We are dreaming to dream to make it a dream

A vibrant voice, logical sense , dramatic attitude that sparks the snowy forests of Kashmir and brings a hope to find a life in a life was always hidden because since the populism of Kashmir on international levels due uncanny situation. Suddenly a new face in a phase that speaks louder, touching the emotions and filling the eyes with tears flourished on social media. His videos motivate millions are getting viral and his sense of understanding has been acclaimed by almost every young person of the nation. Irshad Hijazi, a motivational speaker, brain trainer and mind power expert has become of new face of logic and sense. His dramatic changes of career are enough to describe his attitude of life. He started his journey as filmmaker and went into the profession of radio jockey even after working as an Assistant professor of personality development in a number of colleges and universities.   Irshad has been given a title of youngest motivational speaker award by one of the weekly news journals. His speechs are filled with emotions and logic.  Apart from professional motivational speaking he is also updating the content that gives a great social message. His poems like “ Mazdoor and Etihas mai likha jaye ga “ went viral and viewed by thousands of people in India and abroad. Expert in twelve professions, Irshads main mission to help everyone to realize the actual idea of life.  He is also rising voice for the marginalized sections of the society and minorities in general.

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