Samyukta Kisan Morcha Press Note

57th day, 20 January 2021

The government presented a proposal before the farmers that farm laws will be suspended for a year or more time, as mutually agreed. An affidavit will be given in the Supreme Court committing to the same, the government proposed. The farmers emphasized their demand on repealing of the laws. They however agreed to discuss the proposal in their next meeting tomorrow. On the issue of MSP, the government offered the committee but the farmers rejected it. The response of the farmers will be shared in the next meeting with government on January 22nd at 12 noon.

In today’s meeting, NIA investigations and arrests were also discussed and the government gave assurance that people associated with the ongoing movement will not be harassed and intimidated using the NIA.

Today is Prakash Gurupurab of Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji. People across the world took a pledge for the success of this movement by chanting the Shabad “Deh Siva Baru Mohe” from 11 am to 1 pm.

About 26 January’s Kisan Parade, there was a meeting with the Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh Police, in which the farmers stood firm on their plan for the parade on the Outer Ring Road, while the police suggested alternative roads and even to not hold the parade. There will be a meeting about this tomorrow also.

Farmers from across the country are reaching Delhi borders in this nationwide and mass movement. Thousands of tractors from Lakhimpur and Bijnor of Uttarakhand will reach Delhi.

In many places including Riva, Gwalior, Multai in Madhya Pradesh, farmers are continuing with indefinite sit-in strike. Memorandums are being given to the administration at different places. Women’s Farmers Day was also celebrated with full energy and enthusiasm. Now farmers are going village to village and making awareness and preparing the upcoming programs. A huge tractor march was taken out in Bilwani, also.

Seeing the support received by the people in the Navnirman Sangthan’s journey from Odisha to Delhi, the Uttar Pradesh government disturbed this march and the route was also changed. In protest against this, the farmers of the yatra will observe a fast till 26 January

The mass movement is taking a wide form in Punjab and Haryana. Not only farmer-labourers but people from every section of the society are showing participation in this movement. Farmers are preparing to come on Delhi borders by performing tractor march, bike rally and small meetings in northern Rajasthan.

So far 138 farmers have been martyred in this movement. The entire leadership of the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha pays homage to these martyrs. We all assure that the sacrifice of these farmers will not go in vain. We demand proper compensation to the families of the martyrs.

Kisan Jyoti Yatra under the leadership of NAPM has crossed Udaipur. Widow farmers or family members of a farmer who has committed suicide are coming from Yavatmal, Maharashtra for participation in the farmers’ movement at Delhi borders. A massive rally was organized today in Kolkata where indefinite sit-in strike is going on under the Annadatar Saath Bangla.

Farmers are agitating continuously at more than 20 places in Bihar. The government is presenting this movement by connecting it with a particular section and area. With their struggle, farmers of Bihar have also responded to the argument. In Bihar, one one side demonstrations are being held at the villages, district headquarters wherein Patna, AIPF activist also protested in large numbers.

Dr. Darshan Pal
Samyukta Kisan Morcha

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