RSS- Religious Soldier and Hindu Patriot!

Is there any need of a religious group in a secular democratic country like India to protect the interest of any religious group?  The constitution of the country is the single safeguard. Here people are free from their expression of religious act, provided that their religious performance should never be the obstacle or burden to any other. Any religious group does not allow to create a culture of pressure, threat, fear, and violence. Religious acts do not meet the interest of the country because it is purposively for the particular religious group. Protection of the constitution is the only way to save the country from division and disharmony. It is the best act of patriotism.

 The RSS has forgotten, and this religious organization always ignores it because this rival religious group publicizes that it works is patriotic. Members of this religious group are called them as religious soldiers. Therefore, they are not the soldier of the country.  They are obviously Hindu patriots. They are never to be considered as Indian patriots.

Prime of focus of the RSS is to create religious conflict and it usually dominates over others. It uses to cultivate a culture of a non-secular country, and its goal is to facilitate a Hindu religious state which is against of the country’s constitution.

Even this rival religious group does not obey the rules of Hindu’s scripture (to honour every religion). Swami Vivekanda realized the threat of religious dominance and fate and fortune of the country. That’s why he tried to co-ordinate all religious groups in a garland. All of them would live together harmoniously with respect to each other.

But RSS performs in a single line. Unfortunately, it pushes it ugly heads into other religion. Ban of beef and other acts are significant. Even it involves to torture, threat and murder of members of the other group. Does the religion of Hindu support it? Where is the quality of tolerance among Hindus? For political gain, why this group is trying to break the peace of the country? Have they any appropriate reason behind.

This group should always remember that India is a country of all faiths. All faiths live together are the great character of this country. Breaking of this would be the act of an anti-Hindu. They would not be the patriot of the country. Their acts are purposeful, and their dominance would not be permitted for long.

RSS should control their religious soldiers. It should teach about the qualities of Hindu, and it should teach to love all irrespective of their religious faith.

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