Role of Opposition in Current Situation

Under the current scenario of Global Economic Turmoil owing to COVID-19 in which many countries has fallen badly. The leaders of various countries are thinking optimistically about how to revive the economies. But is it being thought by the policy makers of India who just say ‘Act of God’, it is quite true that global economy has deteriorated badly but the failure to boost economy y the Indian Government can never be denied, because the leaders are indulged in communal issues and campaigning for the election. Under such a scenario there is a need of hour for the opposition to raise voice on the various fronts of Economy like value of rupee against various strong currencies like Dollar, Pound, Iranian Rial, kuwaiti dinar, bahraini dinar, omani rial, jordanian rial, gibraltar pound, caymanian dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, the Parliament. The opposition should draw the attention of the goevernment in power to implement such policies that would ease the Indians abroad in terms of purchasing the concerned currencies. The government is completely failing on this issue. The opposition should suggest some means to the Government to overcome this riddle. 

The currency devaluation of Rupee is causing concern both for the Indian students and workers abroad. According to the data collected by the students returning after study maximum students were discontent with the working of current Indian Government.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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