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Rise in Child Labour Cases Post Lockdown

In the month of June, Six cases were reported in Gautam Budh Nagar related to child labour and missing children

In India, millions of children are forced into child labour due to poverty, high illiteracy rates due to lack of education, unemployment and overpopulation.  CLPR (Child and Adolescent Labour {Prohibition and regulation}) Act 1986 amended in 2016 says, “A person below the age of 14 is defined as a “Child” and as per CLPR Act it prohibits the employment of any children below the age group of 14.”

The nation is going through a tough phase due to COVID 19 crisis however during the phase of the lockdown there was a reduction seen in the cases of child labour. According to Hindustan time’s report with the gradual lifting of restrictions, the cases of child labour have now started to rise and a steady rise was seen in June.

In the month of June, Six cases were reported in Gautam Budh Nagar related to child labour and missing children. Satya Prakash who is a programme manager in, FXB India Suraksha NGO says “As the situation is coming back to normal, these issues will keep on increasing. With more restrictions being lifted, the number of child labour cases will also be on the rise” he also added “Most of the migrants who had left for their home towns are now coming back. Even though many of them are avoiding coming back with families, a few will use all members, including children, to earn some money. Besides, the closure of schools due to the pandemic is also adding to the problem.”

On the other hand, PK Singh, district labour commissioner, says, “We have a task force which acts on the information about child labour cases. We coordinate with the anti-human trafficking unit, Childline, and police, and conduct raids if the need be. The rescued children are then taken to shelter homes for counselling, and are presented before the Child Welfare Committee before being sent back to their families.”

The number of cases is slightly higher in June as compared to March, April, and May.

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