Relations-Affections,bondage& Attachments in Hindu families

Part2:- In the part1 ,dealt with the advantages and benefits reaped by our previous generations, in the joint family system, commonly prevailed in villages till almost 50 years back.Ofcourse ,as we heard and read, the benefits and advantages were more than the hardships and disadvantages, faced by some weaker,innocent and sensitive members at the hands of some bad and cunny minds even in the joint families too due to exploitation of the weaknesses of others,as we mostly seeing in the daily TV serials even now under modern conditions with pomp and show which might be lacking in good olden days. ( TV serials could last for so many episodes mainly due to the struggle and fight between good against bad elements in the joint families with so many unnatural events and happenings )

As we  read from many  old Novels, especially Bengali novels and from old family movies,though advantages& benefits were far more in inculcating love,affections,comraderie and attachments in the children ( cousins )born and brought up together,there used to be one or two bad elements in the joint families too, both in men and women ,out of jealousy ,and greediness, that used to create misunderstandings in the members of the joint families leading to unhappy quarrels and events,but due to the good offices of the matured elders, used to get settled out of respect for elders.That time too, some innocent and good natured women had to toil, whereas the cunny and shrewd ,smart used to enjoy without much work .whereas ,women toil in the home in olden days ,when there were no moderñ comforts like gas,electricity,washing machines, right from morning to night ,men in villages mostly agriculture as their main occupation used to attend for fending the fields if they were middle class ,for themselves ( mostly seniors whereas   youth ,some feeling their  responsibility used to assist fathers and uncles learning the work, whereas some lazy and cunny used to loiter, going  to towns for enjoyment of life ,and get addicted to all types of vices, and these bad elements only used to resort to stealing money from home this  becoming responsible for the unfortunate misunderstandings in the peaceful joint families)

,Rich joint families having big properties mostly lend the agriculture lands to poor farmers to cultivate on their behalf to pay the owners of the fields specific amount per each crop ( similar to lending your house on rent),and the men without much hardwork used to get easy money though elders in the joint family used to supervise the properties now and then.These rich men in the joint families to spend the free time get addicted to playing playing cards with small stake in the beginning ending with big stake loosing big money.Once with good easy money and no other avagation youth start going to town daily to enjoy life as there were no good hotels or cinema halls or other enjoyment spots one find in towns.As earlier said women at home used to toil whole day and these men neglecting the wives at home in the village used to run after greener Pasteur’s in the town’s and used to return in midnight .Even elders in the joint families used to admonish sometimes ,used to take lightly that they had to enjoy life in this young age only and after few years they would realise their responsibility on maturity.Inotherwords members of the middle class joint families where unless all male members too putup hardwork won’t be able to make both ends naturally used to prosper more with all the children growing up together watching how the elders both women and men are toiling for the sake of the families in the process helping them to develop love,affection ,bondage and attachments with every other member of the joint family setting a trend for ideal joint family system.whereas the rich and super rich either becoming tyrants in the village( as shown in movies or getting poorer day by day  getting addicted to all type of  vices selling the landed properties one by one ( which are few cases only).

To conclude there are advantages and benefits more in the joint family system provided the top heads controlling the family are principled,honest,matured with management skills similar to a company to succeed management should be good and all mismanaged joint families crumble under their own weight of evils& vices.As slowly the good and honest realising that some lazy bad elements are enjoying at the expense of their hard work and suffering,and gradually the seeds for Nuclear families were down which have  taken the shape of so many trees and with the advent of education facilities even many village families migrated to towns for higher education of children and those with not much property in village to support their livelihood started seeking employment Pvt/ govt ,if not some  business as farmers lot was not good .That way single new separate families of a married couple with their own children and parents with younger sisters or younger brothers started.In the next part we start discussing about the Nuclear families at length 

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