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Reduce the Margin and Help the Marginalized

For helping the marginalized community, we need to come up with policies and strategies that will help with their inclusion in the society socially, economically politically and judicially.

The first thing that we need to understand is what makes a community marginalized. Any group of people or population that are sidelined from the rest of the population and are subjected to social, economic and political exclusion are considered to be marginalized. These people have had to face this discrimination because our society is not inclusive. For years they have been subjected to constant inequality on the basis of their religion, age, disability, race, language, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. We need to combat marginalization by targeting the at-risk communities.

Marginalization is the consequence of years of unjust policies and strategies that only favored the select few while sidelining the rest, depriving them of basic rights and needs. Marginalization is the cause of many problems that has been plaguing the lives of innocent people since centuries. For helping the marginalized community, we need to come up with policies and strategies that will help with their inclusion in the society socially, economically politically and judicially.

They need to have access to every rights and opportunities that the rest of population has been enjoying up till now.


Education has the phenomenal power to change and uplift the world. And it is an absolute travesty that a major population is deprived and denied the right to education. Many marginalized communities have been a victim of this exclusion. Children, women, refugees are among many that have been taking the hit of this segregation. The government of every country should be impelled to work towards fulfilling the right to education for all. And it is the moral obligation of us as educated adults to work our part in providing education for the marginalized sections.


Women since centuries have had to bear the brunt of a prejudice, sexist and hypocrite society. They have been a subject of great many tortures this society has unleashed on them. There are many countries where they are denied the right to education and then are pawned off in an early marriage. Not only they are restricted from having a career, they are pushed into an abusive marriage. They are bound to a lifetime of oppression and mistreatment all because the society has ingrained in their minds that they are nothing without a man in their life.


Every marginalized section has a right to legal aid. There’s an equality of all before the law. Every person of every class has a right to access justice. People of marginalized population, who face exclusion from many sectors of the society must have the access to courts to demand and protect their rights. They should be given free legal aid. We need to have a productive and an effective legal system. The constitution of India in article 14 declares that,” the state shall not deny any person equality before law or equal protection of laws within the territory of India.”


For the democracy to blossom and progress, it is important that every section of the society is included in the political process. No democracy is a true democracy where any section or community is left behind. Every government needs to take into account all the people in their constituency. It needs to be accountable for the needs and rights of every single person rather that the select few.  Discriminatory and unjust laws should be taken back and more progressive and inclusive laws are to be formed.


We need to increase job opportunities for the marginalized population. A steady employment will progress the marginalized population for a better life. They need to have access to business sector if they were to set up their own business. Training programs should be made available for them in companies. Companies should come up with broad programs that covers as many marginalized groups as possible. Small businesses should be given external support.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.

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