Redifining Terrorism

The only definition of terrorism that has been in currency for a long time now involves, among other things, wanton acts by non-state actors of causing harm to innocent civilians in various ways by hurting, wounding, killing and abducting them in pursuance of a goal which the State is unwilling to concede. Now has arrived the time to revisit the definition of terrorism.

Whereas it’s nobody’s case to question the wisdom of such heinous acts being listed as acts of terrorism, what has been witnessed in recent decades is that the perpetrators of these crimes are not to be located from the non-state actors only. Has the world forgotten the dance of death that was choreographed by the Bushes, Clintons, Blairs, Trumps of the “Free World” or by that devious soul  Slobodan Milosevich who had masterminded the genocide of over two hundred thousand civilians and rendered two million people homeless in the Balkans?

With the killings of over fifty million innocent civilians over the past three decades in different parts of the world extending from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia and all the way into parts of the subcontinent, the conclusion is ineluctable: the acts of terrorism are not the preserve of the non-state only, but are surpassed, both in intensity and sweep, by the Ruling Establishments in various countries. Which is why the countries like the US, UK and their allies have to be pinned down for carrying out grave and heinous acts of terrorism as should indeed be the tiny-sized Israel which has a long history of carrying out pin-point assassinations of its adversaries wherever in the world they are believed to be living their lives. The latest one involves the gruesome murder of a top Iranian nuclear scientist whose assassination yesterday was plotted by Israel in close concert with the U.S. administration. What the hell are the conscience-keeping institutions in the world upto, not excluding the ICJ in the Hague which seems to come across as no more than a paper tiger?

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Written by M A Sofi


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