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Pyrrhic Victory

Source : The Indian Express

For the past 30 years, the people in the Kashmir valley have been waking up to the most painful and heart wrenching developments involving the mysterious killings of innocents at the hands of those who have been having a field day in Kashmir, and with impunity. The many actors having been brought to wreak havoc in the valley have been doing so, obviously with the tacit blessings of those who are known for their thirst for blood and for advancing their cause by feting themselves on the dead bodies of innocent human beings.

The modus operandi involving the tactics of these merchants of blood has been as simple as it can get: projecting those who raise voice for their rights and for calling for an end to the long regime of brutal repression in Kashmir, as desh drohis (seditious). Obversely, offering allurements to some in return for toeing their line and to stand up to the voices of sanity who crave for an end to the pain and misery unleashed by the State in Kashmir. The result is a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation for those who hatch these conspiracies. For, in either case, it is the Kashmiris whose lives are consumed in the process. This is because while the former are hounded and eliminated in their scores without compunction as “the enemies of the nation”, those belonging to the latter group are made vulnerable to brutal attacks, invariably leading to death, by unknown gunmen whose identity is NEVER revealed, a fact which clearly suggests who the culprits could be. A long list of such victims includes many illustrious journalists and opinion makers: Mohd Shaban Vakil in 1990, and more recently Shuja’at Bukhari and now Babar Quadri who was lost to the bullets of unknown gunmen yesterday.

It’s time the ruling establishment at the Centre gave up its fixation with this schadenfreude, involving its relentless love for torturing, tormenting and killing the people of Kashmir, and for no great reason. Considering the massive scale of violence that has hit Kashmir and its people very hard it may surely be late, but it is never too late to let peace be given a chance, for once. That would necessitate getting to the bottom of the problem by initiating a process for resolving the K-issue once and for all, by reaching out to all having a stake in genuine peace restoring to the valley. The other obvious option is that the officially sponsored destruction of Kashmir which dates back right to the Partition and which was duly formalised on 5th August, 2019, would lead to a cataclysm that would engulf not only the valley and the country, but the entire region.

Let it be noted that the Aug 5th perfidy, has already dragged the Dragon into the lobby. Unless corrective measures are initiated right away and peace and sanity given a chance to be restored to the valley, the chances are that the dragon may barge right into the drawing room and everyone would be left to fend for themselves. The only way to stop it in its tracks and for you to get a much needed lifeline is for peace to be given its due. Be assured, you are singularly positioned to make that happen, or else you will have to settle for a pyrrhic victory.

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Written by M A Sofi


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