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Price Hike, Floating of Lottery and Poor Working Class

The world witnesses multifarious crisis and challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. Poorer countries are particularly trembling with the storm of fear and threat of this unpredictable pandemic. The pandemic has hit the worst to the poor working classes, especially daily wage earners of India. Poor Indian working class is entering into a deeper crisis. They have no or little earning and that too is irregular. Government aid is more or less not enough for their survival. They are unable to meet their daily needs. The price hike is another burden to manage their daily lives.

What a democratic country is India? The government and its head are publicizing the progress and prosperity of the Nation. How do they claim when the common mass at large is lack of food, employment and other civic facilities?

India is facing the dangerous economic, social, and cultural threat. But the democratic government and democratic politics of the political parties are mostly doing the political politics. All of these political parties are trying to earn political benefits in this horrible situation.

But the government is busy to make law and order strong as dictator with some purposive causes. It has been using this period to amend laws, privatization of public sectors, etc. But it is lacking true initiative to generate employment after almost 10 core people losing their jobs. The government enacted new three Farmers Acts not considering how it would be functionally brought benefit to the farmers making them ‘atmanirvar’.  Prices of commonly consumed vegetables and other essential commodities have been increasing. It has been observed and recorded “cost of food in India increased 10.68 percent in September  2020 over the same month in the previous year. It is the highest food inflation since February 2020 and ahead of the festival season prices of vegetables jumped 20.73 percent, meat and fish 17.6 percent and pulses 14.67 percent”.

Are farmers as producers getting a share from it? Hopefully it has ever been measured. It is only helping to increase the profit or wealth of non-producers -middlemen.

It is significantly evident that there is no crisis in production and supply of commonly used commodities. It is a desperate indulgence of middle men and it is supported indirectly by the government in the rule.  The opposition has no significant action against it. The opposition has no or little say against it.

Common mass (particularly working classes – poor and daily wage earners) is facing the hurdle of this situation. They are usually searching for alternative easy earning or money making process. It has been observed lottery business, a government registered and recognized gambling has been increased or floating in large specially in city, suburban and town area. Even it has been increased the female gamblers. In spite of the risk of loss of their hard-earned money, they use to take challenge judging their fate and fortune. Thus, it has become a common habit and practice. It is pushing them and their family members into a life with hunger and the threat. When they were asked about this ill-habit, they shared –‘We are actually in hard times. We have no regular work. We are not getting fair wages. We are ready to give hard work if we get proper wages. But it is very much hard. How would we survive? Government aids are not accessible to us for long. Purchasing of lottery tickets is a hope for us if it supplements our needs.”

Is it a provocative tactic of the government to snatch money even at the time of this pandemic?

The government has not yet taken or adopted any control mechanism to regulate the price hike of daily consumed commodities. It uses to ignore the pain of the common mass as if it is the only matter of consumers.

Almost every day new economical packages are declared. But there is no discourse how people (poor) would cope with this situation.  Is it not the deliberate will to testify and kill the weaker sections?


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