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President of India – A Redundant Office?

Yet, all the authorities including PM of India and Supreme Court of India are acting as if they were non-existent…….That’s why it was necessary for you to personally take charge of the issue and act in the interest of the billion plus citizens of our country, rather than your office acting as a postman!

The open letter below is under issue to the addressees. To better comprehend its contents, the readers may please like to refer .

The President of India                                              Dated: 26/11/2020

Rashtrapati Bhavan

New Delhi – 110004

   Subject: No action by your office for years on a continuing massive fraud and

                   crime publicly proved and brought to notice of your office years ago.

    Reference: Your secretariat letter Sl No.: P1/E/1910200125 dated 19/10/2020


    Your office letter under reference was received by me only a few days back, a month after its recorded date. While acknowledging my communication dated 2/10/2020, your office has now referred the ‘petition’ to the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and has considered its job done. That makes me wonder whether I had addressed the contents of my letter dated 2/10/2020 (including a 336 pages enclosed book) to the office of President of a country or some postal office. I am sure you will share my concern if you find time and care to apprise yourself of the hard facts.

When I first approached you (your esteemed office) in July 2015 bringing out with full authenticity how a massive fraud with very serious national and international implications was merrily going on through game of cricket, your office had similarly referred my concern (‘petition’) to the Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs vide Sl No.: P1/A/3007150252 dated 30/07/2015. Not a finger has moved in 5 long years in the matter, only some stationary wasted by MHA and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in referring the matter of phenomenal importance from one desk to another at a low bureaucratic level. Same inconsequential gutter bureaucratic working is again to the fore after 5 years (even though it was mentioned to have happened so earlier, in the chapter ‘Zero Governance’ of the book ‘We the Oodles’ sent to you). That is happening even when the Constitution of India – we all take oath of – lies badly abused and trampled upon by none other than the Governmentt of India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, and Supreme Court of India – the supposed guardian of the Constitution. This is well chronicled in the book that was sent to you. You, the supreme authority of the country, remain as unconcerned as ever. Does it not render your office – the office of the President of India – redundant?

Why immediate intervention by the top authorities of the country was necessary was well brought out through my ‘petition’ mentioned in your office letter under reference. Very briefly I reiterate that a massive fraud and crime is going on for over a decade through fixed and scripted cricket right and left – the fact now lies irrefutably established. A substantial amount out of hundreds of billions of dollars looted through tens of millions of addicted cricket bettors gets utilized even for terror funding. None other than Media, both electronic and print, with all its acclaimed editors – watch dog of the society – is facilitating and marketing the fraud even after it lies totally exposed – fooling hundreds of millions of people worldwide day and night. Because the powerful Corporate, their masters, and the celebrities the media works as agents for, are even directly a part and parcel of the powerful mafia controlling cricket, through owning teams in cricket leagues in India and outside.  Today Big B, the revered Amitabha Bachhan, of all the people, is advertising for this elephantine fraud on TV. That is after I had urged the authorities and the media once again, to act about two months back – backing my request with unimpeachable proof of inaction by them for years.

Iron ore mining mafia, Coal mining mafia, and sundry other small and big mafias are continuously working at state or national level in India. These periodically make headlines for days in our media. In comparison to Cricket betting mafia, these mafias are peanuts hardly. Even the deep rooted, well known and quite old international drug mafia may pale in comparison. There is another very salient difference. While most of the mafias work clandestinely under different political or other patronage, the Cricket mafia is too open – scores of its agents openly announcing the fraud of its doing on social media round the clock. The people are being fooled and looted in broad daylight through number of cricket betting sites and fantasy sports platforms – all aided by fixed and scripted cricket matches. Yet, all the authorities including PM of India and Supreme Court of India are acting as if they were non-existent. To top that, our media is also deafeningly silent about the Cricket Betting Mafia, even after the recently reported explosive revelation by the key insider Sanjeev Chawla! All the diverse and even enemy forces combine to patronize this all encompassing fraud and crime! That’s why it was necessary for you to personally take charge of the issue and act in the interest of the billion plus citizens of our country, rather than your office acting as a postman! 

It is now evident from your office letter under reference that my communication has conveniently been taken as just a routine letter/petition of no consequence, meaning nothing, by you and your office. I doubt if anyone applied the slightest mind to the contents. Or could be that they applied mind and found it to issue the letter under reference as the easiest way out! I see no hope at all now. I turn 63 today and feel totally tired and exhausted. I, therefore, request you now, Mr President, to get me killed through the mafia the whole establishment including media, is too much subservient to; you continuing to be a mere spectator. That will end all the botheration for you and all the authorities; as well as for me. I assure you, from my experience so far over last many years, not a soul will bother you anymore on the subject, because people mostly stay ignorant, pre-occupied with their day to day livelihood and survival. The rest are either scared of the establishment and mafia or are too moron to feel concerned. In fact, people per force are nothing more than mere puppets in the hands of media, their thoughts and discussions governed and limited by media round the clock. A few rare exceptions here or there won’t matter much. The world at large will be happy to continue enjoying its total degradation and decadence. It will further rejoice at getting rid of one who could defeat its combined might and call its bluff and point out its absurdity. I won’t have to feel helpless and suffocated anymore and cause unpleasantness around in that mood. Tragically the suffering masses will ever remain ignorant of how the system had been hitting them – their hardships resulting not from any karma but from acts of handful (in proportion) of selfish rogue beings. The fat intellectuals will remain blissfully ignorant of their collective stupidity!

Thank you in anticipation. Thanks.

(Atul Kumar)

CC: The Hon,ble CJI (through the Registrar, SCI)

        Sh. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

        The Secretary to GOI, Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports

(Atul Kumar)

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