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Poverty of the Intellect

Apart from those who believe in a deity, a superior power or a grand designer, there are those who boast of having no use for one, a God if you like, who is up there overseeing and supervising the workings of the world involving life and death, or such things like day and night following in succession with such clockwork precision etc. In their scheme of things, they pin it down, and not without reason, to the laws of nature to explain the aforementioned phenomena. Most of them come across as diehard advocates of reason and would like to be addressed as agnosts, some even atheists. No issues on that, but hold on!

How do they apply that reasoning to the following very natural questions that beg answers:

Can truth be equal to falsehood?

Can a tyrant be treated at par with one who has been a victim of his tyranny?

Can justice be equated with injustice?

Is it OK to postulate that one who was the victim of injustice, indignity, inequity, inequality at the hands of the high and mighty and the powerful during his life on earth, and who hasn’t had the resources to fight the scourge of such injustices against him, shall after his death, ‘return to dust’ as we all must, including those who had made his life miserable on earth, without the latter having to pay for his sins, here in this world or ‘elsewhere’?

Keeping aside the religious angle to the discourse for a while, whereby different religions and religious schools of thought have come up with their own versions of a life hereafter or of a certain variant of ‘divine justice’, the point I wish to make is this- why is it that our search for design and pattern underlying the working of the physical world merely stop at how we wish to look at the world. The world where there is such breathtaking design, such an unmistakable harmonising order of its parts, even as no need is felt for that order to be sought beyond the physical world, into the other world to inform our understanding of it and of the phenomena governing the action and conduct of human beings towards each other.

The bottom line is that even a modicum of human intelligence would dictate that the search and requirement of a design underlying the physical world has to be extrapolated to the world of human behaviour, where the same search for order and design would entail an approach that would settle the above mentioned questions in the negative, as they indeed should, based on our experience and commonsense.

A natural consequence of this line of reasoning would be that those who have had access to vast amounts of resources and were delirious with absolute power and authority and who had used that authority to dispossess, disempower and deprive those who were weak, voiceless and powerless shall have to meet their moments of comeuppance. Whether now during their lifetime, or ‘later’ in some other other form of life in an altogether different world, that is besides the point!

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Written by M A Sofi


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