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Police Drove Innocents to Red Fort to Discredit Farmers Protest

Chandigarh, 28 Jan (2021): The Kendri Singh Sabha today condemned the Modi government for laying a trap for innocent Kisan marchers on Republic Day to reach Red Fort and hoist Kesri Nishan Sahib there with a clear intent of re-imposing ‘separatist and violent’ tag on Sikhs.

Intellectuals/ thinkers who met at Kendri Singh Sabha campus here said the Modi regime was looking for an alibi to crack down the peaceful protests of farmers enduring the biting cold nights in the open sky at Delhi borders for the past two months. The Delhi police created the alibi by deliberately driving the participants in the Kisan Parade to Red Fort, helping them to dismantle the showy barriers and allowing thousands of them to mount the ramparts of Red Fort for securing good photo opportunity for ‘godi media’.

Near six-month-old farmers’ protests against the pro-corporate Farm Acts have seen the fullest expression of the Punjabis’ and Sikhs’ human and cultural potential which made even the non-Punjabis to acknowledge their leadership.

The intellectuals also condemned the BJP government for whipping up nationalistic fervor on the Red Fort incident for pinning down the Sikhs with ‘separatist and terrorist’ and attempting to isolate Punjabis/ Sikhs from the rest of the Indian farmers. Also condemned the official attempts of instigating the Rightist elements among the Sikhs against the Kisan leaders.

We would like to remind The Rightist section among the Sikhs that the history would not excuse those who helped the government directly or indirectly in breaking the farmers’ movement. We should not forget that bridging of or diluting the Left and Right divide prevailing in the Punjabi society has helped the Sikh peasantry to build a historically unique farmers’ movement.

Moreover, it is an unethical and immoral act on the part of some activists from the Sikh Rightist circles who emotionally surcharged the innocent Sikh youths and helped the Delhi police in diverting the Kisan Parade towards Red Fort. Remember the Kisan Parade was organized by an All-India Kisan body, not by the Rightist elements among the Sikhs.

What happened at Red Fort should be viewed (juxtaposed) against the ‘Supari calls’ given by some self-styled Diaspora Sikh leaders a fortnight before for unfurling ‘Kesri flag’.

We appeal to saner Sikhs, please stop romanticizing 18th-century Sikh heroic acts literally as they cannot be replicated in the modern-day politics. Now the World politics has undergone a sea change so as that of India and Punjab’s.

The poor Sikh peasantry, the backbone of the Sikhs stands at a precipice of being enslaved and ruined by the corporate offensive. If the present farmers’ movement failed the Sikh way of life too will be negatively impacted.

Signatories to the statement are: Jaspal Singh Sidhu Senior Journalist, Gurpreet Singh, Global Sikh Council, Gurbachan Singh, Editor Des Punjab, Prof Manjit Singh, Former Head of Dr. Ambedkar Chair Punjab University Chandigarh, Dr. Pyare Lal Garg.

 Khushhal Singh, general secretary Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha


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