Poetic Justice

  1. A recent study undertaken by two US strategic affairs on the current face-off between India and China concludes with the following trenchant remarks on the Indian response to the Chinese ingress in Ladakh “Indian military planners and security czars need to wake up and realise that strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory; conversely, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

As an aside, how people in the Kashmir valley tend to look at the ‘land grab’ in Ladakh is summed up in the ‘I told you so’ quip of Kashmiris who refer to a far more sinister double whammy involving a land grab plus an unprecedented reign of repression unleashed upon them by those who are being looked upon in Kashmir as the most vicious enemies of Kashmiris, exactly as China is being seen in India as the most nasty, wicked and an unreliable neighbour. Their obvious reference is to the developments following the monumental betrayal on August 5th, 2019″ which has, without doubt, been the the greatest source of provocation for the Chinese to resort to such contretemps.

Regardless of how these tactics by China are being seen in India and by the world community at large: underhand, devious or downright diabolical, the fact remains that the Kashmiris seem to look at it as the just desert served to India whose bulff, they say, has finally been called, never mind whoever has! Not surprisingly, no tears are being shed in Kashmir for this massive humiliation of India: for the tears have since dried up while the people here have been constantly wailing, weeping and whining through this entire past one year of utter despair and dejection marked by death, disease and destruction since the people of Kashmir were subjected to the mother of all humiliations on Aug.5th. After all, God sees the truth but waits. For a change, this time around, the wait has been a tad shorter.

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Written by M A Sofi


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