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Poem Exposing Mainstream Indian Media

Truth about Indian mainstream media

Counter attacking paid journalism


Democracy’s fourth pillar is press,

Who is supposed to control the nation’s stress,

By criticizing the government,

So as to ensure overall development.

Media now a days has become paid

Through the partnership with politicians it has made,

This gives media tremendous gain

Which outputs in nation’s several pain.

Politically motivated journalism to democracy is cancerous,

Since circulating unauthentic information is dangerous,

To society cancerous affected media is deadly

As it disregard our democracy badly.

Media was supposed to question the government

Rather it has made a partnership agreement

For appraising and not questioning

They started performing governmental functioning.

Counter attacking paid journalism is the need of hour,

As country India by all means is our,

Youth and mass need to come up and give media a legal blow,

This will only bring back our democracy’s glow.

Attacking mainstream media is equals  contributing to nation.

I know only true nationals will teach paid media a good lesson.

If blood flows in veins of true nationalism.

Then come forward and legally penalize the paid journalism.

Ultimately, media is spreading pessimism,

There is a need to counter through means of legal optimism,

In order to meet the goal of true nationalism

All must come forward to counter paid journalism.

Mainstream media injects poison in society a lot

All must avoid watching and firmly boycott

To the society it only creates abuse

All should rely on social media for correct news.

Grounds issues by mainstream are hidden and set aside

The ethics of media has almost died.

Since media is a money lover

The problem of nation it doesn’t cover.

All must take hard stand against the journalism

Since media has no point of nationalism

Media is the main cause of corruption

We must fight against media If we truly love our nation.

From the pen of Revolutionary poet…

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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