Pilgrimmage Or a Recipe for Pushing the Pandemic

Amarnath, a Pilgrimmage –

This is for those who never tire of rooting for the maha-destroyer of everything that had, not long ago, distinguished this country from many in the rest of the world. Let them spare a thought for what their cult figure is up to. At a time when the country is witnessing an all time spike in the cases involving Covid-19- and thus necessitating a stringent lockdown all over again – he goes for the unthinkable, this time by giving a green signal to the Amarnath Yatra being conducted for the next two months in Kashmir!

Whereas physical distancing has been hailed as the only dependable safeguard against the pandemic, it is precisely this precaution that is going to be thrown to the winds once such a congregation is allowed to come about. It remains an undeniable fact that the bulk of Covid-positive patients are of those who have either travelled to or have travelled from other locations, or who have had to contend with the physical proximity if those who had travelled in recent days. Choosing to allow such proposals which come across as plainly outrageous when viewed against the backdrop of the pandemic, amounts to tacit complicity in spreading the disease which he and his party could have easily done without. Unless there is something that reeks of a method in his madness which is unmistakable in the manner in which he and his team have been handling Kashmir over the past six years.

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Written by Amin Sofi


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