"Pattern Recognition"-involving the ugly and the ignoble

Pattern recognition is a well known and an extensively studied theme in mathematics. However, its ubiquitous appearance in situations outside of mathematics including in politics and in the society at large is equally fascinating. Here, my reference is to the distressing signs of a pattern falling in place right now which are unmistakable in their import and impact on the society. In the welter of fast changing developments both in and outside India, it’s possible that many Indians may have lost sense of when the next election in the states or at the national level are due in the country. Below, I suggest a thumb rule how to know that, based on the ability to behold a pattern for what it actually is.

All you have to do is simply to look around and see what is going on around. You will soon begin to notice the ominous signs of how the atmosphere is being vitiated and how the society is sought to be polarised on purely communal, sometimes caste, lines through a calibrated effort to ignite a spark by invoking false and extremely vicious narratives regarding particular communities or sections of the society. As part of the same pattern, this is soon followed by such as acts of desecration and vandalisation of their religious shrines including mazars (mausoleums) by the goons who are dispatched on this murder mission by those who stand to gain solely on the strength of such devious machinations. With due diligence on the part of those who wish to vitiate the atmosphere by communalising the polity and then harvesting the electoral dividends, one is soon witness to conflict and conflagration engulfing everything around ourselves, but sadly with little or no resources available to the victims to check or stop these marauders in their tracks or to seek redress of the excesses and atrocities having been visited upon them. All of these frightful developments are part of a dangerous recipe conceived and implemented by those who had shot themselves to power by spilling blood of innocents in the run up to elections in Gujarat in 2002 which had consumed 3000 odd lives. The same ‘strategy’ was repeated in UP in 2014 where more than 200 innocent lives were lost followed by yet another pogrom in the run up to the 2020 elections in Delhi when the same unfortunate segment of the society had to pay through dozens of human lives who were lost to carefully choreographed violence in East Delhi.

In such circumstances, what’s galling and indeed deeply disturbing is the realisation that there are no voices being raised from anywhere in the country on the fate of those who have been made to suffer on account of having been on the receiving end in terms of life, limb and property at the hands of these angels of death and destruction. This is happening again right now, even as cases have come to light where these same merchants of mayhem having their vulpine eyes on the U.P elections are on the prowl. Not surprisingly, there is a pattern – a method to their madness – which is easy to behold in the manner in which they have set the roadmap for capturing U.P. The first few components of the roadmap involve recent acts of terror where they have

1. Unleashed a reign of terror on a particular community in Tripura where dozens of their religious places were torched and several of them killed or crippled. And when a group of conscientious journalists and lawyers had gone there as a fact-finding team to report on how and what actually had happened there, an FIR was lodged against them for the crime of revealing the truth for what it was. What had “kickstarted” this vicious campaign in Tripura was that ‘infamous’ soundbite by the master scheming mind “Shukrwar ke din yeh log masjidoon mein aur sadkoon pe namaz padhne jatain hain”.Far from stating that as an obvious fact of life – which that assertion indeed is – what was actually intended was to stoke passions and provoke a communal conflagration. 

2. Conspired with the supine UP police to pick up a young seventeen year old boy from the much maligned community who was “found dead” in the toilet at the Kasganj police station in UP. Recall that highly provocative murmur by the mystic in UP “2017 se pehle abbajan kehne wale sab kuch hazam kar jate thai”.

3. Set on fire dozens of shops and establishments owned by the “other community” in the Amravati district of Maharashtra without the slightest provocation from the latter.

And the list goes on. The question arises: how long would the macabre show go on, even as this show has been playing out in Kashmir for the last thirty two years and having reached its crescendo over the past seven years. In more ways than one, blood and life go together: you save it and you save a human life; spill it and you survive as a (low level, third rate) politician.

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Written by M A Sofi


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