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One PM and a Country of 1300 Million Plus Dead Souls?

PM Modi addressed the nation yet again yesterday, on 20/10/2020 at 6 pm, something that appears to have become a habit with him. Well, he is the Prime Minister and it is his prerogative. But what has agitated me no end and has prompted, rather compelled, to write this piece is that yesterday again he started his address by telling us all how Corona scene in India was much better than USA, Brazil, and many European countries. He cited figures of comparative infections and resulting deaths per million population to support his point. Though the statistics quoted  by him were correct, yet what he was telling amounted to lying with a straight face. We shall shortly see how it was so. That also could be taken into stride if it were for the first time, but what becomes unpardonable, not for him but for us as a nation, is that he was misleading the nation repeatedly – meaning thereby that all of us had been dead quiet since he misled us similarly months ago.

Now I reproduce some excerpts from my recent book ‘We The Oodles‘ published only about a month back:

…The deceit by the authorities in India became too conspicuous when none other than the Prime Minister of India publicly congratulated his government saying they had saved lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of lives by timely lockdown and subsequent decisions and actions by them. To claim so, he compared the number of deaths from COVID-19 in India to the corresponding numbers in Europe, USA, or any random country as suited, rather than comparing with China or other neighbouring Asian countries. I am not aware if anyone in the media or outside even questioned such an utter absurdity. The immunity of Indians to the virus and climate in India could never be compared with those in Europe, USA or any odd country, but could only be compared with neighbouring/other Asian countries. Moreover, the boasting was done at a time when the ordeal was not yet over, rather was on the increase, poised to go totally out of control. When the executive heads could make highly irresponsible statements and get away, who was there to question or stop the lesser authorities? To top it all, about the time the book going into print, in mid-August, 2020, India had the highest mortality per million among the surrounding Asian countries; and per day number of infections (> 60000) and deaths (900-1000) in India were the worst or one of the worst in the world….

The PM of India again misleading the country on a subject as serious as Covid-19 is not a matter of joke. It means a lot and conveys a lot. First, let us see some of the figures/statistics that are really comparable, if at all comparisons are to be made. At the time of writing this, Covid infections and resulting deaths per million population in India stand at 5528 and 84 respectively. The corresponding figures for some of our neighbouring countries are as follows:

China60 and 3
Pakistan1,462 and 30
Bangladesh2,380 and 35
Sri Lanka271 and 0.6
Singapore9,879 and 5
Indonesia1,360 and 47

The above will suggest that there is absolutely nothing for India to be happy about its Covid scenario. And yet our PM continues to convey otherwise. Had anyone countered the PM earlier on this, I am sure he could not repeat the lie as unabashedly as he did yesterday. So bigger question than PM misleading the nation is why has not anyone from such a vast country of so many intellectuals and activists countered him or countered effectively enough? Covid infection doesn’t distinguish between castes or religions, we continue to be obsessed with. It is a matter of life and death, a matter of survival, irrespective of caste or religion. I am sure there are a number of people from majority religion in India who feel happy with PM Modi for showing minority their right place. They should realize that all that is immaterial and a bogey. By fooling the nation as a whole, PM Modi is showing the majority and minority alike their right place.

Our PM has only been indulging in periodical lip sympathy, overseeing utmost mismanagement of Covid related disaster in the country. That has been brought out in some detail in the above said book. The point and issue now is whether India is a live democracy or a democracy that is dead, a country inhabited by dead souls, such that a PM can  repeatedly publicly talk any gibberish without being questioned by anyone anymore? 

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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