One Language formula for nation's unity

There is a debate taking place among intellectual minds about the new proposed three language formula which is quite difficult to implement throughout the nation because continues protests by southern states like tamilnadu,Andhra and Karnataka.

Among all the states language is much sensitive matter for tamilnadu,in respective of that CM of tamilnadu rejected the three language formula proposed in NEP-2020,they much favourable for the two language formula which is first and foremost introduced by Lee Kuan yew,architech of modern Singapore,and then followed by tamilnadu’s first CM annadurai.

But in my opinion we should follow ‘One language formula’,which should be english,of course because of the disagreement on hindi and other local languages to become lingua franca of the nation .By this one language formula eventually we will more focusing on Science and other humanities subjects,which will improve our creativity and productive towards a common goal of nation building.

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