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Noida Sector 50 Metro Station is Now Called as ‘She Man’. NMRC Dedicates Station to Transgender Community

NMRC has specially dedicated this Noida sector 50 metro station to transgender community. At first, the metro station was named as ‘Aqua Line’ which later was changed to ‘She Man’.

India has now started to address it’s transgender community with a sense of equality. As compared to the past society seems to be more acceptable to these people now.  Transgenders in India have now their own identity.  A decade back, we used to find them begging on the roads, living substandard life with no job opportunities. However, things are changing now.

Recently the Noida Metro Rail Corporation has decided to dedicate Noida sector 50’s metro station to the transgender community. At first, the metro station was named as ‘Aqua Line’ which was later changed to ‘She Man’. According to NMRC officials said, the station will provide “Special facilities and job employment” to the member of this community so that they get a chance to connect with the mainstream.

Ms. Maheswari who is the CEO of Noida authority said, “This initiative has been taken to uplift and provide employment to the transgender community. Under this initiative, they will be employed for some activities such as ticketing counter and housekeeping”. She also said “As per census 2011, there are 4.9 lakh transgender in India out of which 30,000-35,000 stay in NCR. The move will be an important step in providing meaningful inclusion and participation of the transgender community. The naming of the station will spread awareness and sensitivity”

Ms. Maheswari further added we also need to upgrade facilities such as toilets in the station, in order to facilitate the transgender. According to an official, the staff at the station will be trained and educated with regard to issues concerning the community.

This initiative of NMRC will create awareness among the passengers about transgender and their equal rights in the society. An NMRC official said, “The name ‘She Man’ was considered by the board of directors and various other stakeholders.”

India as a diverse country has now started to acknowledge the role of transgender and is now trying to make space for them in the society.

The whole transformation of the station is expected to be completed in a month.

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