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Mystery of Human Absurdity

The abounding self-servers and hypocrites to the core continue to crib about every petty or big wrong-doing around them as ever, but won’t ask questions of the authorities as they can now forcefully ask, to compel them to act and take/initiate corrective measures to stem the deep rooted all-around rot!

Man since ages has been engaged with mysteries of nature, deciphering many, and turning many to his own advantage. Many more mysteries still remain unsolved, unresolved. And there are and will be many more man is not even aware of. We shall shortly see one such mystery briefly – Mystery of Human Absurdity.

Human beings are supposed to be intelligent mammals. We have progressed by leaps and bounds through evolution because of that special endowment. We continue to explore the universe; have even accessed astronomical bodies outside the mother earth. We are supposed to be logical and gifted with common-sense. We are supposed to have ego and self respect. We tame and boss over other animals and creatures; can even kill any of them. Humans have laws to govern them for their peaceful and happy co-existence. There are prescribed punishments for breaking the laws, and a very detailed – probably far too detailed (at least in India) – judicial system to enforce the law. We have a conscience and a sense of right and wrong. We constantly brood over and deliberate on what was right and what was wrong. We have developed complicated financial systems (that hardly anyone understands –haha). We have created and nurtured many institutions, even across various countries, for common good – or purportedly so. We have a highly developed institution called Media. It is supposed to be the watch dog for all our activities.

Corona Virus – currently torturing the mankind the world over, except China and a few other countries probably – itself is a mystery till now. But even more mysterious has been the response of the human world – a world pictured briefly in above paragraph – to the ordeal it is facing. The developments in response to the Virus originating in China about a year back and afflicting the whole world but large part of China have been belying all sense and logic. I need not repeat the contents of  and . The last chapter ‘Nature’s Fury, Man’s Folly’ of my recent book ‘We the Oodles’ has brought out the continuing absurdity of man’s response and reactions to the calamity in some more detail. Citing Spanish flu a century ago by anyone as a retort won’t do. We shall have to deliberate on the recent developments logically in the face of hard facts. The response of the inhabitants of the world becomes all the more mysterious for its casualness, being much devoid of common-sense, and highly irresponsible actions (or lack of actions) by the supreme watchdog – Media; since it has been so when people are dying and conspicuously getting tortured physically, emotionally, and financially, the world over, left and right!

The most infamous and also the most popular yearly cricketing extravaganza IPL ended just about 10 days back. What was happening? The players and ex-players acting as coaches from many countries combined to dish out scripted non-competitive boring matches, interspersed with thrilling finishes and super-overs, continuously for a month and three weeks, faking the same as a competitive sport. The matches were scripted and directed like movies, rather like theater since there couldn’t be retakes. Scripting and designing of the matches along with experts’ comments and running commentary going with the live telecast, was far from random. It was all too scientific, to turn the tens of millions of addicted bettors the world over paupers. One may go through this: . It was rare that such a news item surfaced, though number of victims (not necessarily all committing suicide) is in millions, mostly unreported. Anyway, there was nothing new in all this. It has been so year after year, lying proven and well chronicled in public domain, yet not bothered for by anyone or any authority – in a world depicted above and not tiring of flaunting its adherence to great religions and religious tenets. So much so that only a few months ago claim by a key insider for years got reported in the media (as a result of oversight by editors I was told – that’s just a hearsay – haha) that all cricket matches were scripted like movies and whole thing was under control of a very powerful mafia. Sure enough, no one in the media and hence in the world (except for one very stupid Atul Kumar) was talking about that the very next day. The watchdog media was concerned not about cricket being an enormous crime and fraud, but about ensuring continuation of the fraud – staging of IPL 2020 – and projecting it as a competitive sport. Can there be anything more absurd for the world as it is supposed to be?

I do wonder what happens to the self respect of millions of egoist intellectuals the world over. What happens to it when they accept nonchalantly being fooled 24 x 7 through telecast of fixed matches as competitive matches into their homes? I am sure many would retort, ‘oh! We know all and we enjoy the scripted drama!’  One, they don’t know all – they don’t know how much detailed is the scripting and they don’t know how it is executed; they don’t know the modus-operandi. It is like we can see a murder having taken place, we know the murderer/s, but we still don’t know the modus-operandi. Those who become too curious to know every detail of the modus-operandi in murder mysteries or thrillers show no keenness to know how a real big time international crime and fraud involving thousands of participants is being conducted! Is it not mysteriously absurd? Secondly, those enjoying the drama don’t realize what great cost they are paying for the fake thrills – the cost in the form of all round decadence that ultimately hurts them and their near and dear ones hard! I don’t know how many of these ‘know all’ intellectuals would have thought or realized that it was much more difficult and burdensome for any cricketer to play every time as per a pre-written script and not to play natural cricket. But the players have no choice since it is the norm they have to follow for over a decade at least. They have either to follow the norm or sit at home.

The world is always at the receiving end of terrorism and complaining about it. And yet it is totally silent on continuing funding of terrorism in a very big way through fixed and scripted cricket managed and overseen by ICC and national cricket boards like BCCI. This is no hearsay or figment of imagination. This is a matter of indisputable records, well chronicled over last 7 long years. If such a silence of the humans is not absurd, nothing is absurd. Even many more times absurd is the continuing belief of over 1.5 billion people in India and Pakistan in the animosity between the two countries even though both the countries have been playing fixed cricket matches between them for over a decade at least, their cricket boards being managed by top political leadership! This also is a matter of indisputable record.

With the publication of my book ‘We the Oodles,’ I thought that now the authorities would have to act in the light of all the necessary and unimpeachable proof of the continuing explosive crime and fraud. And if they didn’t act still, the people, the intellectuals and the activists, would react to force the authorities to act. But as it has transpired, it was stupid of me to have underestimated human stupidity and hypocrisy. Even after release of the book and it having reached the concerned authorities (  ), the farce of IPL continued with gay abandon, the hundreds of millions continuing to be fooled just like for past decade and more. The farce of cricket outside IPL also continued and continues as such.

The abounding self-servers and hypocrites to the core continue to crib about every petty or big wrong-doing around them as ever, but won’t ask questions of the authorities as they can now forcefully ask, to compel them to act and take/initiate corrective measures to stem the deep rooted all-around rot! Most of them can’t come out of their base thinking that to talk about the contents of the book will help Atul Kumar, not them or the society. Sadly they don’t realize that by saying ‘balls’ to the contents of the book, to the open crimes and frauds, they mean and ensure ‘balls’ to themselves and their future generations. They don’t realize that by considering something worth only if raised by Media, they have become confirmed and doomed puppets in the hands of the Media that is amoral beyond one’s imagination. The extreme decadence of Media is something lying established beyond any question.

The world continues to celebrate a self-defeating open colossal fraud, and continues to call it a competitive sport. Thus putting a very clear stamp on its absurdity, the world – consisting among others of the star culprit in Supreme Court of India, and its baiters (Prashant Bhushans and Kunal Kamras) alike – appears to be telling me with all civility, clear and loud, “Mr Atul Kumar, with all our pretensions for centuries through print, preaching and talk, we in reality take pride in our collective folly and absurdity. In this world only mobocracy, hypocrisy, and foolhardiness rule and shall rule. If you want to talk sense and substance, please find abode on Mars or moon or elsewhere in the Universe. Thank you very much.’’ On my part, probably I shall die keeping wondering about mystery behind humans’ fastidiousness in sticking to and savoring their collective stupidity and absurdity despite being gifted with intelligence at individual level!

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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