My Name is Atheist and am not a Traitor

My name is atheist and am not a traitor

I too have a voice. I’m also a human with same rights as of any other. I’m here to tell you I m a member of that marginal community who face so many problems in daily life.

First of all I would like to introduce myself that who I am – a person who always have curiosity and have rational thinking approach of happening what we see, what we hear and more in this world. We never said that god doesn’t exist, we never questioned that too but we just don’t have faith in any kind of religion, not because we are against any particular religion but only and only because we are a kind of victims of scientific thinking. Well to be true. Only one question that scientist never had discovered and that is from where the soul enter in a born baby and where it goes after death. Except that everything have its rational approach and reason to be happened. I think you are getting my point. So yeah this is me an atheist.

Since childhood I don’t have so much of conscious about world and myself too so I never had so courage to ask question like whether god exist or not, and also we were not so prepare to understand and to evaluate the situation what we see. Here word we means the community of atheist. But now as we got to age of 18 where legally it’s been said that above 18 a person is good enough to walk on his own. so just after getting 18 I start asking question to my fronds like have you seen god or which religion is better .I used to compare many a times that which religion is there to tell why good people are taken by god and bad people stay on earth enjoying everything. and just for example as currently corona virus is all over the world, so I just asked one of my frond that where are those all sadhu and saints and fakir or such spiritual person telling about planet movement and such other thing, to make some kind of mantra and tantric or kind of tabiz to fight corona instead wearing mask or various safety measures. So what he replies to me was really heartbreaking. He said that because of you guys-atheist god has done this to us, because you never believe him that’s why it all happen.

now tell me it okay. That I’m an athiest. so don’t I have right to ask any question. If m asking something logical with reasoning approach then why do people classify as aliens. Do I don’t have right to personal life and liberty, what’s wrong if I’m not using article 18 of our constitution. I don’t know why people have such kind of behaviors to classify every single thing in this world. It’s okay that it’s important to classify things in order to identify them. But there is a difference between giving nomenclature to a thing like giving a name to a human like Rohan, sham etc. and giving tag like sedition only because we don’t believe in god. As I told you we have reason to not to believe in god and that is we have scientific approach regarding all issues.

Sometimes I feel very sad that being an atheist we can’t have normal life like others having. I think people are not so mature to accept some truth. they are addicted to living an old lifestyle by classify every items they see and this is India, where u can exploit them in any manner and in any field but where the question comes of religion they will going to fight for it. And perhaps this was the main reason of the 1857 revolt where people were facing exploitation since east India Company came. But when they found that the cartridge which they were using have fat of pig and cow which is really unacceptable according to their religion they get offshoot. Well I apologize if it hurting you. But I’m telling the truth. That why people are so blind that they don’t know the difference between believing in god and forcing someone to believe god. Really do any god tell to anyone that if you didn’t believe in me surely you going to face problems by my other child who believing in me.

Again my intention here is not to make u angry or forcing to don’t believe in god. But the thing is we too are human. Stop taking any person and tagging them with religion .is religion is the only way to live happy life. do the first human of this earth when he start walking and do he thought of god or do he ask to god for giving his food. Scientifically it takes thousands of years to evolve human this much to think that there has to be something which binds them in ethically or morally way. You too can go and search the history of religion that how it came in existence.

People likes me really face many discrimination like we have few fronds who accept us. Just like one day one of my frond didn’t invited me in his house at time of Diwali which is a very famous festivals that I’m an atheist and I don’t have any right to come and enjoy with other fronds coz I don’t believe in ram-Hindu lord.

Do really I have to take a shelter in any kind of religion to prove my fronds and give a reason why I don’t believe in god .or to enjoy with fronds. Don’t I have this much of right to enjoy with my fronds only because I’m an atheist? If this is not a discrimination then what is it?

We don’t have festivals…we dont have any religious day.we dont even have our so called a gathering house where atheist can come and enjoy each other company.sometimes we fear to ask govt a peice of land for having a place just like other religions have like temple or church.

we are not traitor if we dont follow any relgion .we too pay taxes. we too contribute in gdp of our respective country then why so . dont judge us from the angle of religion all the time. its not fair. at bad times we too will do our part of job to make our country safe.

there are some instance where u will never want us to judge . when we help some need people by giving blood ,when we help some people by giving social services and many more ..why that time u dont out restriction isnt it a kind of slavery. ask yourself. i remembering a dialoge of actor nana patekar that is – when your god never made someone different then who are you to make distinction.

Still after so much of modernization .human thinking never evolved. People have to stop explaining and linking every issues in this world with religion and god.

We don’t want discrimination, we just want peace so that we too can live happy life like other. We too can enjoy same happiness like other. Religion never meant to made for discriminate its main reason was to give a way of karma to live life of ethics and morally. So we are.

If still you have any question then go and read why bhagat Singh was one of our community…… surely you will get the reason why we are…thanks for you time. myself a hindu but this post was a voice of one of my frnd. coz i think before a hindu or muslim or christian first we have to be good human. humanity is the religion of atheist , cant say anymore….

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