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My Journey of Early Childhood Care and Education

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My name is Mohd Nurul. I am doing my graduation in early childhood sector and my graduation degree is Bachelor of Vocational Early Childhood Centre Management and Entrepreneurship (B.voc ECCME). In this course, I am studying about how to work with Children (Birth to 12 years.). We have three major positions to study, facilitator, supervisor and entrepreneur (Head of the centre). The interesting part of the graduation is Internship, which I did in a lot of places (around 15 places including NGO/School/College/Early Childhood Center etc.), and found the ground reality of early childhood education and status of ECCE in India. After analyzing, I found that there is a need of ECCE in our country.

According to a report by UNICEF, despite the recognition of ECCE by the Government of India, there is still a gap between the number of preschoolers and those enrolled in pre-schools. Apart from that, the positive thing about ECCE is that, those who are already working in this field, are doing their best work, therefore, there is still an existence of ECCE in our country.

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In India, childhood is considered to be a unique and enjoyable period in an individual’s life, so children are pampered by the adults in the family and enjoy the special status in society. Numerous special occasions in the community mark the significance of this developmental period. For example, the whole community celebrates the birth of a child, a child’s first intake of solid food, the naming ceremony for a child, and the child’s first day of formal education. Informal learning of young children in a natural environment through their own culture and talk are a regular component of the child-rearing responsibilities of adults and older children in India. However, the growing demands of a newly industrialized nation, has altered many of the basic child-rearing practices in India. With the new “National Education Policy” (NEP 2020), government has restructured the early childhood education programs. In this policy, stronger governmental involvement in the education of young children is observed.

My ‘early childhood education’ journey did not start from my graduation. It started when I was working in the NGO “Bal Sahyog”, and there I met another organizations and NGO’s working for children in different areas. There I observed, that there is still a lot lacking in primary schools, like the facilities and lack of trained early childhood teacher. Therefore, they take help from other NGO or organizations. I feel glad to be a part of this industry because there is lot of satisfaction in the work. I will be even more proud when I open an organization/preschool for children.

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