My experience as an early childhood centre management student

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is one of the best ways to help your child develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills they need to prepare for primary school and beyond.

If I take an example from my childhood, when I was in pre-school, teachers used to follow rote learning process. At that time parents were also not aware about the early childhood education. But, after the implementation of early childhood care and education policy the focus shifted to holistic development of the child. Now when we go on internship, we see the difference in teaching. Teachers use play while learning techniques, like they design activities for the children so that they learn from their experiences and not through rote learning, because it is true that experiences help in better development and learning. Also, play while learning helps in physical and mental development of the children. Now, as an early childhood centre management student I learn how much it is important to help a child grow properly and I also get to know the differences in old process and the new process. Most parents are also aware about the early childhood education, but I think there is still need to spread about it in rural areas because the everyone should get the benefit of the policy.

Early childhood education is very important to build a bright future for children because in early years the development of children is rapid, and it is important to serve the best for them to experience.

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Written by Khushi


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