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Moradabad: Farmers Sell Vegetables Outside Their Fields

They were forced to use this method as they could not bear the cost of transportation to go the market.

Farmers of the country can’t seem to catch a break. Even before the global pandemic, their situation was nowhere near fine. Struggling every day to make ends meet, they now have to suffer the most because of the lockdown.

The lockdown enforced by the government has been going on for months now. While many business sectors are undergoing losses because of it, it’s the farmers, who are taking a direct hit. Where many businessmen are worried about the future of their company, farmers are worried that if they are not able to sell their crop, their families won’t be able to eat that day. No matter where we look in the country, the situation of farmers is same in every region.

Throughout the months of lockdown, news of farmers committing suicide or destroying their own crops kept coming up because they couldn’t sell.

A latest news coming from Moradabad says that farmers there, are selling their vegetables outside their fields. They were forced to use this method as they could not bear the cost of transportation to go the market.

There is obviously a disadvantage here, as the they get way less customers than any market but still it is way more doable than going to market and not be able to pay for transportation.

Since the start of June, many relaxations have been made in the lockdown. Trains have also been started from 1st June. We can only hope that with increasing relaxations, the farmers will have some kind of relief.

On one hand, these relaxations might be helpful for businesses but on the another we cannot help but be worried as the number of corona virus cases seem to be increasing every day. With more than 3 Lakhs confirmed cases, India has now become the fourth country in the world to be worst hit by corona virus after United States, Brazil and Russia.

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