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Modi’s Vision ‘is the Great Crisis’

Modi’s  vision for ‘making new India’ ever differs from the vision of ‘making India’ of  Swami Vivekananda, the greatest spiritual leader of India. Swamiji’s vision was for making India free from colonial rule through making Indians free from the orthodox and age-old taboos. He tried to enhance his countrymen spiritually with open mindedness. And he prioritized to bring changes among women’s lives in India. He traveled all parts of India, observed, and realized the crisis of the people of India. He took oath to bring changes in their situation through particular development plans as per priority. His vision was not diluted with the political politics and religious separation or domination. He preached for universal religion and universal brotherhood. Everyone is equal and all is from the same soul and belong to the single soul.

But Modi’s vision for ‘making new India’ is limited within the very purpose of political politics. His national development goal is restricted and limited for a Hindu state. ‘Hinduism is a synthesis, not a sect; a spiritual university, not a spiritual church;’ ‘Unity is the basis of strength irrespective of caste and creed because ‘India is inhabited by the representatives of every creed, unity in religion is not possible, but tolerance is necessary and step further, love for each other.’ Sister Nivedita realized ‘India was a nation, one and undivided.’ To her ‘every breath as it was breathed out and every breath as it was breathed in, might breathe in and out that word- Nationality.’ ‘Unity was not a thing of the past, nor of the future, it was actual and living.’ But Modi rarely has this realization what we observe from his every action.

His vision does not speak for ‘ever-living consciousness of the common nationality. He denies his role and responsibility as the head of a secular nation. He is making communal distance and domination. He considers him as ‘chowkidar’ devoting himself for the cause of his countrymen who are mostly under the below poverty line. He serves diligently for the corporate. He publicizes his national building effort more than what he does. He sells national assets to the private sectors which would bring national progress. He deceives of the youth falling to generate scope of their employment. During his period, there is hardly any foreign investment. But the nation depends mainly on foreign products.

Further, he tries to saffronise education which is against man-making for making new India. The problem of education is like the problem of problems for a very long period.   India’s education ‘is nothing morphine – laden soothing syrup.’ ‘The educational problem is one of the national life. Will NEP 2020 remake the meaning of education? Whether it is a new policy and programme to develop physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual powers of the young that is diluted.

No one is allowed to criticize his wrong work. He or she would be put in jail. Authority and its misapplication are non-liberal and non-tolerable. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he uses the media for publicizing himself as empty vessels. Who listen to his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ as the only caring guide when they have no food, no health care and so on?His vision is limited within renaming of government organisations/agencies and earlier programmes undertaken by the previous political party in rule. He tries to strengthen that our political policy is to make people dependent on Government’s help.

Everywhere there is unhappiness, unrest, and turmoil. When would he understand the actual crisis of people? Is his body language and vocal tonic enough for ‘making new India’?

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