Modi’s (Pandora’s) Box

Pandora’s box is popular in the Greek mythology. It was a large storage container kept under care of Pandora in Hediod’s Works and Days, which was full of sickness, death and many other unspecified evils then released into the world. In modern times, it is considered as an idiom which means ‘any source of great and unexpected troubles” ] or alternatively “a present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse”.  Thus, Pandora ’s Box means ‘to do or start something that will cause many unforeseen problems’.

For last 6 years, the Modi rule reminds the great story of Pandora’s Box. Mr. Modi (Hon’ble Prime Minister of India) promises to his countrymen for the good days. But his dreamy promises are unreal and it is like day dream. His steps for country’s progress and development are deliberately based on reformations of different sectors. He claims that these reformations and restructuring would yield a dream India, while a significant portion of his country’s men face bombard problems of poverty, ill-health, and unemployment so forth after 74 years of independence.

So, Modi’s (Pandora’s) Box is packed with demonetization/surgical strike, GST, Hindutva and Hind state, CAA/NRC, Firm laws  privatization/unemployment, corporate corruption, digital India, violence against women and dalits, so forth. His each and every step of reformation is impacted with evils effect for his countrymen.

Firstly, he dreamt that he would snatch black money from rich through demonetization and revenues would be jumped into a miracle position. But it was impacted badly to the economy of the country. It took more than hundred lives. It destroyed and damaged a bulk amount of revenues (in affairs of making new currencies and cancellation of old). The country’s economic growth has been stagnant. It makes the rich to richer and poor to poorer.

The GST is his second reformation of tax structure,  and it is also badly affected. It has brought more pain rather than relief from price hike and others.

India is country of ‘unity in diversity’. His Hindutva and Hindu state is the cause of series of racial conflict and communal disharmony. India’s most valuable tradition of rich cultural and religious diversity is in a threat. He has taken initiative for reformation of Muslims’ Personal Laws. It is a good step undoubtedly. But he has failed to secure the respect of women, when violence against women is rampant. Now, dalits are in great trouble.

Thereafter, the country’s biggest crisis is unemployment. He is very much attentively aggressive for privatization of public sectors. There is little or hardly any production industry coming in to force. The whole country primarily depends on the services sectors. When the problem of unemployment is up-raising, he does bother it as a step of real development of the country.

Another vital evil of his Pandora’s Box is unrest in educational institutions (colleges and universities) in the country. He and his partners are trying to make disturbances through interferences in education.

His digital India is also nothing but a day dream. Gradually, he pushes the country into an adverse situation and instability in all sectors of public domains. Farmers’ movement against the Firm laws for a long without any solution proves his ego-centeic rigidity.  Already India is facing the problem of economic crisis. The overall socio-political and religious situation are moving towards instability.

 People of all concerns should be tried to cover the lid of his Pandora’s Box, and it should be thrown into the deep sea.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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