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Misemployed Muslims Under Various Political Parties

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BJP is ‘A’ party of Sangh and Congress has always been ‘B’ party of Sangh, and now, as it is shedding it’s mask more openly, it is more perspicuous for those who were constantly in denial mode. Muslims are also divided about Owaisi brothers. So let’s say Owaisi brothers are ‘C’ party of Sangh. Development agenda has always fooled the Muslim community, thus here is AAP as ‘D’ party of Sangh.

Now, Muslims have given enough lessons on ABCD of Politics. Muslims always switch between parties as alternate, in search of less evil. Consciously knowing that Muslims are not safe with any of them but with no other option than voting for any of these parties, it is kind of like, “if not Congress, then who?”

Fact is, for Muslims no one will take stand. It has been witnessed since the time of Ehsan Jafri, till now with the case of Tahir Hussain. As Muslims are awakening, there is more discussion and emphasis on establishing our own universities and media. Yes! We need to rise as educated community and echo our voice. But why don’t we feel the need to represent politically too?

All our Muslim activists in jail under UAPA for their fearless voice against injustice, are highly educated. Journalists, doctors, professors, all are targeted. They all are well educated but only being educated is not enough. Establishing universities and getting educated is not enough, as anti Muslim hate brigade in power will keep digging our graves by making laws like TADA, POTA and UAPA. It is time to realize that parallel work in education and politics is the need of the hour. Muslims must represent themselves politically too and it is most important.

It is required to send more Muslim representatives in parliaments. Had this been the case, no one would have witnessed anti Muslim laws. But as it is said, it is never too late to start. Taking part in elections and raising our candidates is the foremost solution. Otherwise even if we raise doctors, lawyers, professors, journalists, they may end up in jails or may be left out with only option to clamp their mouth shut with fear of these and more draconian laws coming our way.


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