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Merging of Schools Means Deprivation of Fundamental Right to Education in Gujarat

Ever since the Modi government has been in power, it seems that every decision promotes privatization. Similarly, the BJP government of Gujarat has recently decided to merge 5000 government schools and by that decision thousands of tribal community students will be deprived of the fundamental right to education.

Under the new education policy, the state government has decided to merge schools with fewer students. As part of the decision, the state’s 5,000 schools are expected to be merged.

In terms of new education policy all over Gujarat state and many schools in the state are running with very few primary and secondary students and have fewer teachers or more teachers. Five thousand classes of secondary and primary schools are likely to be merged with the nearest school within the boundary, where it has been decided to merge with another school nearby.

It may be mentioned here that the number of students in government schools is declining day by day and now this school has been merged in this way and now this new decision has become the subject of much discussion by the government.


Youth political activist Romel Sutariya  said that according to the Right to Education Act, any student should get primary education within a distance of three kilometer. Therefore, the government should also take care of this matter. This decision will have greater impact in tribal (tribal) areas. The main reason for this is that there is still no transport facility in the villages within the tribal area. This is likely to bring down the education system which was improving due to the efforts of the government. He further said that in addition to this many universities have been inaugurated by the government. Many new efforts are being made to improve the status of education, but if its foundation is raw, the state of education will become very weak. In tribal areas, the trend of private education is negligible like in cities and there is no system of private education, so it is very important that primary education is available in government and free of cost. Therefore, instead of merging schools, the government should enact a law on free education from KG to PG. Education is included in the constitution as a fundamental right.

It is the sole responsibility of the government to ensure that everyone gets education, so merging and closing schools can never be an option. Furthermore, it is not appropriate to close schools at a time when the population is increasing day by day. The government also needs to study why children do not attend government schools.

He said that the Supreme Court and the High Court have repeatedly argued that the privatization of education can be stopped if children of a government official or representative study in government schools, as education is not a business issue. If every MLA, MP or government official sends his children to government schools, then the world of education would have benefited immensely.

Anandbhai Chaudhary, MLA and tribal leader of Songarh, said that it was decided to deprive the tribal community of Gujarat from education. This can have very serious consequences in the future. This decision would deprive many children of their basic rights. He further said that we have expressed our opposition many times in the past when the government took this decision. This issue was also raised in the Legislative Assembly but the government does not take any issue into consideration by a majority. In the coming time, there will be a massive movement to spread awareness on this issue. Because this issue is not political, it is a fundamental right of tribal society.

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