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Media – The Urban Naxals

It was a few years ago in 2015 that the retired General V K Singh coined a very apt phrase ‘Presstitutes’ for the Press or Media. Today I give them the epitaph ‘Urban Naxals.’ I don’t know which will be considered the greater honour by the present day shameless Media.

Today evening (5/4/2021) when I was surfing TV channels, a headline popped up in Times Now, ‘But ‘Afzal Lobby’, ‘Urban Naxals’ silent?’ It was with regard to at least 22 security personnel killed and around 31 injured in a shoot-out with Naxals along the border of Sukma and Bijapur districts in Chhattisgarh on Saturday, the 3rd April. And this headline was followed by routine shouting and show of concern shortly afterwards by the anchor Rahul Shivshankar. Neither did I follow that nor do I intend to address that.

As that headline popped up, a question popped up in my mind. Whom did Times Now mean or consider as Urban Naxals? Were there any greater Urban Naxals than the anchors and editors of Times Now, or their other counterparts in electronic and print media? Was it not Media that subtly put to action the dirty designs of the powerful, the politicians, and the governments; be it spreading misinformation or misleading people on any issue, be it dividing people on communal or caste lines, so much so as to lead them to rioting, keeping people engaged in non-issues and useless narratives so that they forgot to ask the real tough questions of the authorities, be it raising and dropping issues like Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Robert Vadra as suited its masters behind the curtains, and so on.

The Media lies thoroughly exposed in some detail through the chapter ‘Exposing the Exposed’ in my book ‘We the Oodles.’ It, including the Editors Guild of India and the Press Council of India, has been duly informed of its thorough rottenness, but it has been continuing with its debasement unashamedly. These Johnnies, the anchors and the editors, shout and howl on the ignorant, express their wisdom on everything, all the time remaining the biggest culprits themselves. Media’s sins are unending. The pillar of democracy that is the most corroded and has crumbled the most today is Media. It is because there is no one to question Media and its nefarious acts. It is none but the Media that influences and controls the psyche of the society in the modern world and we all are well aware what is becoming of the society!

Here I narrate just one instance. In the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack in February, 2019 that martyred 40 CRPF jawans, I highlighted to the world through a press conference at Kolkata how big time terror funding through Cricket betting and fixing helped the terrorism across the globe. The Media totally ignored that very important point and issue altogether though it shed a lot of crocodile tears on the massacre then as it is shedding crocodile tears now. Why? Because it itself is totally entangled in the fraud and crime called Cricket, being its biggest facilitator. In a few days from now, it will be bombarding us all and our psyche with the talks about the biggest annual Indian fraud called IPL. It may be pertinent to reproduce here the Press Release by me then:



Subject: Pulwama Attack, Terror Funding, and Cricket

It is with a sense of great pain that I communicate the following to the nation in general and present Government in particular:

“At present there is acute grief in the country over martyrdom of 40 CRPF jawans in recent terrorist attack in Pulwama, and a lot of clamour to avenge it. Also a big public debate is going on whether India should now play against Pakistan or not in the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

Surprisingly a key issue leading to Pulwama attack still continues to be conveniently ignored by the government and all the authorities. That is terror funding – the lifeline of terrorism. Lakhs of crores of rupees per year earned by betting syndicates as a result of thoroughly scripted cricket matches globally – the major portion of this amount emanating from India and going from pockets of Indians – has been one of the big sources of terror funding for years. It still continues to be so, increasing everyday through mushrooming T – 20 leagues.

While the clamour for action/war against Pakistan rages, a very puzzling question haunts ever more. If Pakistan is an enemy country, how come we have been playing fixed cricket matches with them, even losing to them in the last Champions Trophy final in one such fixed match?

I say above with some authority on the strength of success of my writ petition (Civil) 1163/2017 in the Supreme Court of India that had brought the above out.

The agonizing hypocrisy of the authorities is best exemplified by COA of BCCI headed by Sh. Vinod Rai announcing financial assistance to families of the martyrs from savings out of cancelled opening ceremony of IPL -2019, since they themselves become primarily responsible for continuing terror funding through fixed cricket and thus having assisted in Pulwama attack. Undoubtedly, IPL – 2019 will contribute further to terror funding in a big way.

Pained by the dastardly killing of innocent jawans, I once again urge our government, the political leaders, and the concerned authorities to take immediate action at least now to stop scripted and fake cricket in order to strike a body blow to terror funding and terrorism.” ’


The Media maintained deafening silence even on such a serious issue.

It was a few years ago in 2015 that the retired General V K Singh coined a very apt phrase ‘Presstitutes’ for the Press or Media. Today I give them the epitaph ‘Urban Naxals.’ I don’t know which will be considered the greater honour by the present day shameless Media.

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