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Marxism – Theory Vs. Practice

In our early stage of primary education, we learn, ‘X is poor, but he is honest.’ But it is not taught, ‘while Y is rich, he is not dishonest.’ It is evident that a rich is involved with some conscious or unconscious exploitations or deprivations to others. A poor would be honest when he would not be involved in exploitation to others. Undoubtedly, Marxism is the best research findings in the modern world. But it is theoretically very much effective, while in practice, it is the mode of exploitation to others by the practitioners. Marxism teaches us about social and economic equality and justice irrespective of differences in personal qualities from individuals to individuals. It teaches us how individual property should be transformed into social property. So, one who believes on Marxism, he should leave his personal greed and he should not be,  anyhow a selfish or self-centred human being. He should not be busy for making personal property, or he should not be hungry with ownership of any property. His thinking would be always community centric. This learning of Marxism is enough theoretically. But in practice what do we find?

The people who are discussing continuously about Marxism and involved in teaching to others about Marxism to facilitate a society of equity and justice are more prone to exploit others. The above argument is a matter of debate, and some might be thought that it is incorrect and biased. But we should turn our focus very independently to evaluate the reality of Marxism in practice.

At first, if we evaluate 34 years of ruling of the left-front (an alliance of left parties emerged on the basis of Marxism) government of West Bengal, we see that the leaders of different hierarchical level of these regimented parties(a significant portion)  were basically from BoP and gradually, they were enriched with their personal properties ( benami) and they radically changed their life style and life choices. Obviously, it changes their social and economic status and they make a boundary wall from pro-poor. They forgot their learning and teaching of social equity and justice. They tried to rule in the different mode. Firstly, for their election politics, they made their interest groups with the certain kind of benefits and secondly, they started fear politics. Of because, their homogeneous neighbours were aware about their indulgences and prosperity. They used to use Marxism as tool of exploitation of others. As a consequence of this, they lost their power. About 50 years of practice of Marxism, these left parties and its leaders were failed to teach about merits of Marxism. But it became a pain to the common. That’s why, to get relief from it, they welcome another party which has no theoretical background.

Secondly, academicians and other distinguished personalities who are always involved in research and analysis of Marxism are in same state. It is a technique of their expansion and publicity of knowledge to their academic platforms and they are endorsing themselves as a member of think tank. It has been found that in their personal life, they make a boundary as elite and they are mostly involved making property and ownership. They usually live in the elite colony and so forth. They use to bargain with their domestic help for low wages. They use to behaving as untouchable to their domestic help.

In this global era, people around the globe suffer from media bound cultural syndrome where personal greed is driven their thrust of personal choices. They are very much busy to fulfill their own greed and it is obviously the cause of exploitation to others and corruption, etc.

Therefore, so much discussion on Marxism might be reduced because in practice we are all different and Marxism should not be a tool of exploitation. It teaches us to stop exploitation and it teaches us to promote an empathetic society.

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