Lord Curzon and Modi : The Rulers of Colonial India and Independent India

Is there any difference in ruling of Lord Curzon and Mr. Modi? Lord Curzon was the ruler of the colonial India. He always looked for the best interest of the Queen of the United Kingdom. Modi representing the world largest democracy looks for the betterment of corporate elite rather than the betterment of the common mass elected as their government. Modi and the politics of industrious BJP are memorable for the anti-people policy.  His dominating behaviour and ego is the cause of making the worst of the common. He is trying to show off that India has got a leader like him the first and who is the first leader devoted himself selflessly to the people of democratic India.  In fact, for his wrong measure, the people of India are paying the worst. The only power in terms of the number of representation in the parliament is making him adamant.

The British ruler, Lord George N. Curzon had historic personality occupied an important place in Indian mind for his rule. Lord Curzon’s rule in the colonial India was very much bitter. He took all repressive measures to curb the freedom of Indians. In  Sister Nivedita’s letter to her friend, Miss MacLeod in 1904, she expressed her anger.  She wrote, “You do not know how terrible the government is becoming. The Thibet expedition, the new stand about Education, the division of Bengal, the Officials Secretes Bill, the Ancient Monuments.” During his period, he forcefully tried to enact anti-people acts and laws from ‘the partition of Bengal….His government was a very much crazy to enforce all these in spite of protest and agitation. ‘Every measure was oppressive and tyrannical, and aimed at the undermining of the faculty for liberty.”

 The BJP led government under his leadership has been taking anti-people act or laws and policy every time since 2014. His government has ever been considering the interest of the mass elected this government. He and his government are a very much desperate to undertake every measure for the political purpose of the BJP and its associates. It has been started from demonetization and GST, and so forth. It has been studied that no single plan has made public life easy. It is unfortunate that every measure has impacted as pain and agony of the people of all strata. But he does not care anything. He is desperate because the opposition is weak, and he does not honour opposition in this parliamentary democracy.

This nation is observing the 1st year of agitation against CAA and NPR with another protest against anti-farmers bill.

From history, it has been revealed that anti-people acts of Lord Curzon united Indians against his rule, and they started their demand for freedom. They were guided by Sister Nivedita(social, spiritual thinkers and educationist) and the other great personality of India.

The time has come to raise voice against Modi’s rule and democratic Indians should be united to protect them from this rule.

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