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Legal Action Against Payal Rohatgi for Her Tweets

With little to no fame, many so called celebrities have been seen to come out of their slump and join in others on their detestation for the Muslim community.

Twitter in India has become a playground for islamophobics. The way some of them have been tweeting, it appears they are not worried about any repercussions. This includes the public and celebrity handles, if you can even call them that. With little to no fame, many so called celebrities have been seen to come out of their slump and join in others on their detestation for the Muslim community. Their tweets show how much hatred they were holding back all these years and it makes you wonder what changed, that now they don’t feel the need to hold back anymore. These tweets are not just hateful, they are plain abusive. From blasphemy to calling out for killing Muslims, they have contradicted every image that the govt is trying to portray to the rest of the world about secularism and brotherhood in the country.

In recent times, one such name that has emerged is of Payal Rohatgi. Her claim to fame is her past appearance on Bigg Boss but the biggest highlight of her career are the controversies that arose from her tweets in the recent years. Always surrounded by controversies because of her tweets, Payal seems to not learn from her mistakes. On the contrary it appears as though she thrives on it. Not to forget that without any success as an actress, this is the only way she gets to be in news. But there comes a point when you cross the line of basic human decency and should no longer be allowed to have access to spread the toxicity in the masses.  Joining in with the IT cell idiots in vilifying the character of Jamia scholar Safoora Zargar, who was arrested by delhi police while she was 3 months pregnant, payal shared a series of shameful tweets.

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These tweets clearly show how little regard people like her, have for a Muslim. In a country where motherhood is considered a sacred period, clearly not every motherhood is seen on a same level. Its value changes when you are a Muslim. A degrading tweet like this from a woman is a slap in the face of every women movement. It’s a shattering reality of how in this country, the value of life varies for different religion. Clearly not all lives matter. Not everyone gets to exercise same rights. These tweets show that she has no fear. She knows that no actions will be taken against her and she has a good reason to believe that. Hers was not the only tweet. Thousands of twitter handles used the same derogatory language in their tweets.

Dr Aqsa Shaikh, who is a medical educator based in Delhi, has filed a complaint with Delhi Commission for Women against Payal Rohatgi for her abusive tweets against Indian Muslim women. In her complaint, she has mentioned all the claims that Payal had made in her tweets.

A police complaint has also been filed at the Amboli police station in Mumbai by advocate Ali kaashif khan against her tweets. In his statement to spotboyE, Ali said, “She has no fear of law, she has no respect for the law of land, she doesn’t believe in the constitution of India, thereby only spreading hate against Muslim community, making religious disruption, agitating Hindu Muslim hatred and war in the country.”

With these legal actions against Payal Rohatgi, it is important to note that this isn’t the first time that she has landed in this position. She has already faced jail time because of her tweets. She was arrested by Rajasthan police in December last year after a complaint was filed by youth congress leader Charmesh Sharma for her video on freedom fighter Motilal Nehru.

Barely mediocre celebrities like her are putting so much effort in infecting their toxic mentality among the masses, it’s highly questionable how none of their accounts are banned from the social media.


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