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Law of Collective Stupidity

Good men doing nothing becomes the backbone of the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ or ‘Law of Collective Idiocy’, whatever way one would like to put it… 

Sports pages of even the best considered newspapers, full of columns discussing international cricket as a competitive sport, continue to act as a firm testimony to and a daily reminder of our profound stupidity every morning….

Probably dealing with Corona Virus is the biggest mind-boggling expression of the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ in recent times.


This is in continuation of my last write-up ‘That Elusive Collective Wisdom.’ ( ). What is brought out there in is not by anyone from Mars or Moon or Jupiter. It is a result of efforts by someone very much from among us and an ordinary person. Someone born and brought up in a middle or lower middle class family like most of us; an ordinary Cricket fan – one among hundreds of millions – who used to eat, drink and sleep cricket. And yet we tend not to listen to one of us, but get swayed by those for whom we may just be a market! Who enjoy five star lifestyles while the masses toil! Who exploit our weaknesses for personal gains! My efforts included constant application of common sense, self belief and conviction, acting in any possible way that came to my mind continuously over the years, perseverance, a lot of legwork, expenses, and taking risks and making sacrifices. Above everything else, precious years of my life have been used up which could otherwise be utilized in material pursuits or for my family, or more importantly for other constructive and meaningful contributions to the society. And yet the extreme stupidity of the world treating fixed and scripted Cricket as a competitive sport continues undeterred despite the truth having become public 8 long years ago and repeatedly being brought out since then by me and others.

People should do well to consider that I had no personal axe to grind in taking risks and making sacrifices (my family had to sacrifice more) for the larger good, at the macro level, except that perhaps I liked doing what I did. Probably more than liking, my sense of proportion told me that the issue and its implications were so enormous and far reaching that any sacrifice and efforts for it would be too little. Though I may have the satisfaction of having achieved a unique feat in human history of taking on the might of the rest of the world including media and coming out a clear winner in exposing the on-going gigantic fraud in the name of Cricket perpetrated by that very might, and can have a bloated ego enjoying the unique status of successfully charging the most powerful institutions of India and the world (International Cricket Council) for their culpabilities; yet the anguish and a sense of hopelessness at the seemingly incurable idiocy of the world in still continuing with such an open fraud, in letting people perish and suffer from Covid-19, and in many other ways is much greater and beyond words. 

In order to hide its own stupidity, it highly suits the world to dismiss me as someone insane and/ or paranoid or obsessed and to ignore the explosive revelations and writings. In fact, many of my highly intellectual friends and very close relatives thought or declared so for years since for man his belief reigns supreme and he readily dismisses others without applying mind to what was being said why. Human mind is like that. It is instinctive for one to consider self as wise and the other a fool! To deliberate about something logically in depth requires efforts, but we feel ourselves to be too busy or pre-occupied to do so and find it very easy to dismiss someone or some thought casually. Also ability to think deeply is not everyone’s cup of tea. Open minds may be very common words but are a rare commodity. It is all this that also led the world to continue ignoring or rejecting the revealed fact of earth revolving round the sun in the 16th century.

I don’t know how many of these people will agree to the truth regarding cricket even today after vindication in the Supreme Court of India and revelations by Sanjeev Chawla. They don’t have to use much brains to take due cognizance of these developments as they would have had to while applying mind to the contents of my books, posts, or the petition earlier. And yet many still prefer to continue being fooled and being idiots. Inherent conceit or hardened conditioning of mind in them still deters many to accept and face the truth squarely. They all are those who don’t know a, b, or c about cricket betting; knowledge of which was the key to the unbelievably and unimaginably deep rooted and widespread cricket fixing!! They continue to argue with all their ignorance and feel totally at home! But thankfully, I can’t be dismissed as insane or paranoid by the ignorant anymore.

Ironically, till date I have not suffered much at the hands of the authorities and the mafia whom I took on or whom my efforts targeted (all the credit to them); though they could and can crush me anytime like a mosquito, especially with Media being at their side. But I have quite often suffered brickbats from very those for whose overall good at macro level I have unprecedentedly been toiling for, having to undergo excruciating pain at times. This is the way of the world as an offshoot of the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ governing it, as we shall shortly see! It is under this law that the arm-chair intellectuals casually pass judgments on the actual doers, true crusaders and well meaning individuals who sacrifice everything and even lay their lives for the larger good. I am not talking only about self. Many of my intellectual friends, relatives and family members considered me to be absurd when I first brought out institutionalized fixing in Cricket years ago. Today when they know that I was dead right, still I am wrong to them for persisting to tell the world some Truth it doesn’t want to listen to. Because what is idiotic or more idiotic must prevail! Along with the rest of the world, they sulk as a child sulks when told to mend its ways or to be wiser!

Why does it happen so? We all are accustomed to a way of life and are settled in our comfort zones. We find it uncomfortable and difficult to accept and face some truth that forces us to come out of that comfort zone. Someone attempting so (to bring us out of our comfort zone) becomes a villain. Probably it is because of this that Truth so often loses out and Falsehood wins, and collectively we continue to degrade more and more. Accepting and facing truth about Cricket with even half the implications, especially in India given how deeply it has permeated our psyche, would have turned our comfort zones upside down. Hundreds of millions of cricket fans would lose the charm and thrills they have been enjoying since childhood. We would know that sports at large – a big source of our entertainment – are mostly fake. Our trust would lie shattered. A billion plus Indians would know that all their political discourse treating or assuming Pakistan as an enemy nation for decades was bogus and specious.  Among other things, it tells us how we have been tricked and cheated continuously for decades by those whom we considered as our role models, heroes and super heroes not only in cricket but in other walks of life also. That also hurts our ego a lot, especially of those who consider themselves much intelligent. So what do we do? We simply choose not to let anything register, to be blind covering our eyes with thick black cloth, so that we could continue in our immediate comfort zone as per our evolution and conditioning over a life time, oblivious of the rot surrounding us. We leave it to some obscure God to take care of the overall welfare and tend only to our own immediate interests, governed by our inherent conceit.

Unfortunately, the above applies even to the best of minds and those in highly responsible positions. In fact, it applies to them the most and they are the people largely responsible for turning collective wisdom into ‘Collective Stupidity’, much more than the illiterates and the semi-literates. They are the people who have a say in the society. Media, Judiciary, and Bureaucracy all are run by such people, who are mostly governed by their ego/conceit and spend their lives in one-upmanship. Self interest, whether earning/making money or otherwise, reigns supreme for them.

There have also been quite a few who sincerely appreciated my efforts and the cause, but curiously, they also didn’t feel any urge to join in and contribute at all or effectively to deal with the continuing decadence of such a magnitude. Most of them appear to feel or take it as if it was my personal issue or problem that I had been striving for. Incredibly silly but so it is!

Probably even those who intensely feel the need for, think and talk of, necessary corrections in the society and evolved systems have absolutely no idea how these will come about. The worse is they just wish, engage into idle talk no end, but fail to cross the lakshman rekha of their comfort zone to make any fruitful contributions to the cause they so much desire. It is here that the collective wisdom dies a natural death or becomes a myth! It doesn’t mean that nothing good remains. People do contribute in their chosen fields of activity to the best of their ability and feel a sense of satisfaction. That does help the society in pockets, keeps it going, but nothing like collective wisdom ever materializes, because deep down we all (except some exceptions here or there) remain animals, our self interest reigning supreme. Though the intelligence and the compassion in us make us superior to animals (animals also have these in varying degrees). Probably Compassion is the major virtue that is keeping the world going. We don’t realize that very often indulging in self interest ignoring collective interest is sheer stupidity; because we forget that in a society we are only part of a whole. If the society perishes, we also perish. If the society stinks, we very well have to bear that stink sooner or later.

While we stick to our own comfort zones, the evil-doers continue in their comfort zones engaged in loot and frauds. Initially either their inherent genes or greed or any other reason must have led them to engage in wrong-doings, but probably that becomes their comfort zone once they regularly or habitually get involved in cheating and crime. Shedding the innocence of childhood and having compromised their conscience, they forget these altogether. As it is said, even a murderer finds justification for his/her actions. Acceptance of the evil nonchalantly by the so called conscientious and respected people, especially the intelligentsia, allows the evil not only to continue but to prosper. The renowned British philosopher Edmund Burke said more than two centuries ago, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ About five centuries before him, the Italian Philosopher Dante had said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”  These are well known and famous quotes that unfortunately hold even today. Probably there can’t be a more burning indisputable and undebatable example of what Burke said than the continuing fraudulent cricket today, given its vastness and reach. Good men doing nothing becomes the backbone of the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ or ‘Law of Collective Idiocy’, whatever way one would like to put it.

Given the wide ranging and enormous implications of the fraud, both monetary and otherwise, today not a soul can endorse what is happening in the name of Cricket. And yet there hardly is anyone who is raising voice against it. All the wise men and women in the society, hundreds of thousands of them, talking small and big all the time, have simply vanished. Sports pages of even the best considered newspapers, full of columns discussing international cricket as a competitive sport, continue to act as a firm testimony to and a daily reminder of our profound stupidity every morning.

Collectively we let the most idiotic things govern us and rule us. Yuval Noah Harari, the great historian and present day thinker, has termed the agricultural revolution as the biggest fraud or stupidity in human evolution. Wars, world wars, nuclear armaments, the immediate devastation consequent to partition of India in 1947, the problems from global warming  etc. are some of the non-debatable manifestations of human stupidity that readily come to mind. None of these have been acts of nature. Continuing with, rather taking pride in, our collective stupidity, we continue to nurture and persist with the thoroughly decadent Media, archaic, inconsequential and failed Judicial systems, the  moron bureaucracy and corrupt bureaucratic systems, and self seeking leaders, as has been amply demonstrated and established in the write-up ‘That Elusive Collective Wisdom,’ mentioned in the beginning.

To my mind, out of these, the way the base Media and editors continue to prevail, controlling our agenda and our psyche, despite our knowing their true character, highlights the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ the most. The chapter ‘Exposing the Exposed’ in my book ‘We the Oodles’ brings out/ establishes the decadence of the media in indisputable details. The contents remain uncontested and unchallenged by the Media despite the Press Council of India and the Editors Guild of India among some other prominent editors both from print and electronic media having been made aware of the same through direct communications by me (everything is a matter of record).

Here I shall like to briefly talk of Sh. Kailash Satyarthi, the noble laureate, and his endeavours. Today he is well known, after getting Noble Prize in 2014, for his exemplary great work of rehabilitation of thousands of children freeing them from exploitation through slavery or child labour or otherwise. He braved even physical attacks in pursuit of his mission. We hardly knew about his endeavours till he was awarded Noble Prize. When he was fighting probably the biggest deep rooted social evil, what was society doing? What is the society doing even today? Is it a personal problem of Mr Kailash Satyarthi? Why doesn’t the collective wisdom of the world ensure that there is not a single childhood that is cursed? Why can’t we ensure a world where all children are free, safe, healthy, receive quality education, and have the opportunity to realize their potential, as envisioned by Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSFC)? Why should it be endeavour of KSFC and not of the governments?

How many political parties have been having this as an issue in their manifestoes? How much interest has media been taking in this issue keeping us abreast of the progress, same media that 24 x 7 makes headlines about leaders calling each other names, or about fake wins in sports, or about myriad non-issues? The answers to these questions tell us how we are being governed and conditioned by collective stupidity, and nothing but collective idiocy. It is not collective wisdom, but the collective stupidity that has been prevailing, howsoever wise or well meaning we individually were. We too intelligently make excellent jokes, cartoons, and caricatures about the various absurdities surrounding us, but let the same absurdities continue undeterred. 

Probably one of the biggest instances of collective idiocy, after wars, has been racism and a sense of enmity between followers of different religions; our discourse continuing on lines of such divide. There have been great philosophers, thinkers, writers, and preachers who have made us realize so repeatedly over last few centuries. We adore them. And yet racism and communal riots continue to be a real big threat to our well being. The infamous Delhi Riots in the capital of India happened only a year back! Large scale violence in USA on account of racism occurred even later. Today, in India, the largest democracy of the world, division among people on the basis of religion, region, and caste continues to define and express our politics the most. The proven rogues, criminals, and looters continue to be the top leaders across political parties in India. Individually we all know in our heart of heart how bogus this all is, yet collectively we allow it to continue as such! Great literary works by great minds have been guiding us throughout our evolution, and yet the gutter politics continuously prompted by the gutter media continues to be at the helm!

The way the world has been dealing with and responding to Corona virus and Covid-19 since inception has left me completely bewildered and baffled! The virus has brought untold miseries on the humanity; more than 2.5 million people already having perished till now, many more having lingering health problems, millions losing their livelihood, we the social-animals including our children having to live without social interaction necessary for our mental health, and many more. And yet there is no clarity with any authorities in the world regarding this, though they continue issuing various ad-hoc instructions, changing every now and then. Thousands of great scientific and medical minds continue talking diversely, no collective wisdom emerging, even though mankind is so severely challenged.

If the world and the global bodies asked basic questions and tried to find answers in the overall interest of the humanity in the beginning, we should have known clear solutions long ago. The culpability of many world leaders becomes conspicuous, since it was for them to ask those questions and find the answers. But they continued beating about the bush, misleading the masses, not bothering at all about the key questions. This has been brought out in some detail in my previous articles ( ;  ) and the book ‘We the Oodles.’ The masses, including the super intelligent, continue to go on with the mob mentality unmindful of the basic lacunae, even though being at such a horrifying receiving end. Despite an historical vaccination drive being underway, there is no solution in sight yet and as I write this, threat of a more serious second wave is looming large even at the highly populous India, the same already having arrived in some states of the country now and many other countries earlier. Probably dealing with Corona Virus is the biggest mind-boggling expression of the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity’ in recent times.

A lot more can be said. One may go on and on. But I hope that from all above, it should already be clear to us that in the human world whatever is idiotic or more idiotic prevails. This is the ‘Law of Collective Stupidity.’


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