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Latest Lockdown in Kashmir, Yet Another Ruse

Source : Greater Kashmir

Nothing, absolutely nothing that the J&K govt or the administration undertakes to do, ostensibly as part of its duty to dispense governance, is in effect more than an eyewash, an attempt at best intended to be ‘perceived’ as an act of chivalry! The latest example of this comes from the sheer suddenness, without prior notice, of the announcement of lockdown in Kashmir from July 12th, at a time while people were busy, routinely buying the essential provisions from the market when the cops were seen to not even let the customers pick up their bags after buying the essentials from the market.

But a moment’s reflection tells you why! Today, the 13th of July marks the martyrs day in Kashmir, soon to be followed by Aug.,5th when that most insane, mindless and malicious betrayal was done to Kashmiris in 2019. Come Aug 15th, and one gets to witness a one-of-its-kind strict and across the board ‘civil curfew’ in the valley to mark it as the black day in Kashmir.

The idea of suddenly enforcing the lockdown is mere to put paid to the possibility of widespread protests that are normally witnessed on these and on many such occasions round the year. Apart from that, there is another sting in the tail! And this pertains to what is now being contemplated by this same cabal of small-minded, short-sighted traders posing as ‘politicians’ who had set Kashmir on fire on Aug.5th, 2019, to repeat that act of perfidy during the current lockdown! Which is to let Kashmir continue to remain condemned as a UT while restoring statehood to the Jammu region where people had protested, and rightly so, against the state domicile law which shall, as a result, continue to remain in force in the Kashmir valley. So much for the sleight of hand, the stealth and the cloak and dagger manner which are used to inform their activities and policies in the Kashmir valley.

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Written by Amin Sofi


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