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Kisan Parade Presents People’s Assertion Against Establishment

Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi showcasing military prowess of Indian State stands to lose its luster before Kisan Parade being participated by thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and adjoining provinces.

Acknowledging that Delhi police will not be able to stop the entry of heavy flow of farmers into the country’s capital, the Indian Establishment relented and allowed holding of a parallel Kisan Parade on the Republic Day. Peaceful Kisan Parade is not only people’s assertion against the Modi regime but also amounts to legitimizing of it as real representative parade of Indian Republic. In a way it is an attempt to delegitimize the BJP rule and reviving of the Indian People’s Republic for the first time after 70 years of Independence.

Kisan Parade has reclaimed the Indian Republic for re-imagining its future. And it also owned the National Flag as People’s Flag for which thousands of Indians had laid their lives during the freedom struggle. Remember that the ruling BJP’s mother organization RSS never accepted Tri-color Flag as a National Flag and opposed its consecration by the Indian State on Independence. Suppressing this historical fact the Hindutva forces has tactically adopted the National Flag and other Indian icons and have been misusing them for creating ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Republic Day spectacle depicts that Kisan Parade not only represents the people’s uprising against the Modi regime but also establishes that the present regime no longer represents the Indian democracy. It serves the big capital and a few corporate houses for whom it enacts the Farm Acts. The Farm Acts against whom the Indian farmers are up in arms are meant to facilitate the looting of the Indian agriculture sector by the Ambani/Adanis. Only withdrawal of Farm Acts could make the protesters to leave return from Delhi borders where they have been camping under the open sky for past two months.

Jaspal Singh Sidhu/ Khushhal Singh / January 25/ 2021

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