Kisan and Jawan

In past days, a very emotional Bir Singh, a Punjabi singer, talked about the attendance of Bapu Amarjit Singh. You can see an 85 years old man roaming around at Singhu front with military medals on his chest. He is Amarjit Singh, resident of village Naino Kot, District Gurdaspur. He fought in the first Indo-China War of 1962. He was captured during the war and returned to India after spending nine months in Chinese prison. In 1965 when the Indo Pakistan War happened, he fought from Jammu to Satwari. Later he took part in the war of 1972. Bapu Ji retired from the rank of Subedar. He tells that soldiers and farmers have an intimate relationship.

The farmers’ sons are serving on borders of the country and the farmers are fighting for their rights on the borders of Delhi. Bapu Ji believes that if we don’t fight today, our future generations will suffer because of these laws and condemn us. He speaks with a harrowing manner, “I fought three wars to protect the country, but didn’t achieve martyrdom. This is the fourth war, we have to win, or we’ll sacrifice our lives for our rights.”


The author of this article is Jassi Sangha. This article was first published in the third edition of Trolley Times.

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