Kashmiris as cannon fodder

  1. With yet another bloodbath, this time involving the killing of a mainstream political worker and two of his close family members in Bandipora last Wednesday, the conclusion is inevitable: Kashmiris seem to be fated to lose their lives, and in the most unnatural, brutal and inhuman ways. The lives of the ill- fated Kashmiris being cut short by the cruel forces inimical to them and owing allegiance to their masters on either side of the fence would have been spared, had this all- encompassing dance of death and destruction not spared those who are providing the firepower for this mayhem to continue. The surest way to stop this bloodbath would have been for India to engage with the aggrieved parties, including the neighbour next door in a serious, sustained and meaningful dialogue.

At the end of the day, it is Kashmiris and Kashmiris alone who are made to pay such a heavy price for this stubborness and monumental arrogance  of the Indian Establishment involving its unwillingness to reach out. This malfeasance revealing itself in their lack of appetite for resolving issues through peaceful means would bring them and all others in the political chessboard nothing but misery, misfortune and malevolence.

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Written by Amin Sofi


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