Kashmiri Sikh Girls Issue Blown Up to Serve BJP’s ‘Love-Jihaad’

Chandigarh, June 30—Giving due weightage and respect to the religious sensibilities of parents of Kashmir Sikh girls and Sikhs around, the Sikh intellectuals said that the way the issue of Sikh girls’ marriage with Muslims blown up out of proportion was nothing else but serving the BJP’s political tool of ‘Love Jihad.

           The Delhi Sikh leaders whipped up the issue, no doubt, with an aim to present a minority as “aggressor” thereby segregating it as required by the BJP to consolidate the majority community as a Sangh Privaar’s vote bank.

            It is a known fact that every religious community in India opposes both inter-religious and inter-caste marriages. There is a slight difference in rigidity Shown by different religious communities on this count. The Indian Muslims follow this perception and practice not in less Measure.

            The point of concern here is that the Delhi Sikh leaders intentionally kicked up a religious frenzy over the Kashmiri girls issue by competing one another in holding demonstrations at Jammu and Kashmir House in the Capital and later flying to Srinagar to meet the aggrieved families there.

            The intellectuals gathered at the campus of Kendri Singh Sabha said activities of the Sikh leaders are objectionable as they were too loud to hide the motive of playing the political game of polarisation for and on behalf of the ruling BJP. Regrettably, the Delhi Sikh leaders posed as if they were representing the entire Sikh community while attempting to push the Sikhs against another minority which is now on the hit list of the Hindutva forces. The leaders of Muslim Community should rather take pro-active steps that Kashmir type religiously sensitive incidents should not be allowed to take place and should be tackled timely before hijacked by the vested interests.   

            We oppose the Delhi Sikh leaders’ actions and exaggerated pronouncements created problems for local Kashmiri Sikhs and stoked communal tension thereby serving the BJP rulers’ broader strategy of segregating the targeted minority to strengthen Hindutva brand of Indian nationalism.

            The statement jointly signed by: Muslim leaders Taj Momhamd & Imam Shamsher Kari,  Sukhdev Singh Journalist,  Jaspal Singh Sidhu Journalist, Gurbachan Singh, Editor Des Punjab, Bhinder Singh (GM Industry), Dr. Kuldip Singh Surgeon Patiala, Rajinder Singh (Khalsa Panchayat), Prof Manjit Singh and Gurpreet Singh , President Global Sikh Council, Rajwinder Singh Rahi.

 Issued by Khushhal Singh, General Secretary Kendri Singh Sabha

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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