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Kashmiri Sikh Girl Issue Serves ‘Love-Jihad’: Kendri Singh Sabha

The way Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh intervened in the issue of Kashmiri Sikh girl’s alleged religious conversion and marriage to a Muslim clearly went to serve Sangh Parivar’s sectarian agenda of ‘Love-Jihad’ political agenda.

Sikh intellectuals associated with the Kendri Singh Sabha here said That in a letter to the Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor the Jathedar sought the implementation in the state of “an interfaith marriage law of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh against forcible conversion and for the safety of Sikh minority girls there”.

Besides that, the Jathedar’ addressing the J&K Lt Governor as “Your Excellency” lowering to the dignity of the Akal Takht which is the highest religio-temporal authority among the Sikhs. As per Sikh religious principles and traditions, the Jathedar should not acknowledge any worldly authority as supreme except than the All-pervading Akal-Purkh represented by the Akal Takht.

Most of the Sikhs feel that their religious sensibilities have been hurt as some self-proclaimed Delhi Sikh leaders aligned with the ruling BJP made the Jathedar write the letter which fits into the Sangh Parivar’s political program of projecting a certain minority as an ‘aggressor’ and pitting other minorities against that.

The intellectuals said the Jathedar should not talk in terms of enacting or implementing anti-conversion laws when the Sikh religion do not subscribe and acknowledge the practice of religious conversion Adopting “divide and rule” as a strategy in India, the British rules promoted religion identity of Indians as a marker of demographic strength and representation of the communities by holding decennial Census in 19th century. The Indian rules have been following that ‘divide and rules’ and polarization and exercise more vigorously now.

The statement jointly signed by: Sukhdev Singh Journalist,  Jaspal Singh Sidhu Journalist, Gurbachan Singh, Editor Des Punjab, Bhinder Singh (GM Industry), Dr. Kuldip Singh Surgeon Patiala, Rajinder Singh (Khalsa Panchayat), Prof Manjit Singh, Gurpreet Singh President Global Sikh Council, Prof. Bawa Singh Former Vice Chairman National Minorities Commission, Rajwinder Singh Rahi.

Issued by Khushhal Singh, General Secretary Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha


The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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