Kashmir-A life

 ‘And fight them until no mischief remains,and only Allah is worshipped;then if they desist,don’t harm them,except the unjust’-[Quran 2:193]

I begin my article with the above verse of the holy Quran which tells us,if we interpret it, that we have to fight against oppressors until no more persecution will be done on you,and religion is freely professed for Allâh. But if they desist from hostilities then remember there is no punishment except against the unjust(who still persist in persecution). In this article I will be writing about Kashmir-what kashmir was? and what kashmir is? So,start reading!

KASHMIR-was a Paradise!“Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast,hamin asto,hamin asto,hamin asto”Translation:”If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here”

Mughal Emperor Jehangir said it all when he visited Kashmir in the 17th century. You might have  visited beautiful places upon one another but if you haven’t visited kashmir yet then you are missing a beautiful experience of your life.

Now the question arises why he said it?He said these lines because he observed the nature of kashmiris very profoundly at that time, he was an Emperor he may have visited lots of beautiful and exquisite places all around the world in his reign.But why he mentioned Kashmir as a heaven on earth.He saw here all creeds of people like hindus, muslims, Sikhs etc live here in harmony and unity, they don’t differentiate or criticize any citizen on basis of his creed,gender or background. He (emperor jahangir) smelled the essence of peace here. He saw people here don’t meddle in the things or affairs which can create controversies later. The people of Kashmir in the 17th century were minding there on business, they were not interfering In the matters of other religions,they very living there own lavish life without worrying what’s happening around or what’s not happening, which somehow is partially good but not completely, because they were concentrating only on their own lives but not on others, for example: if they saw somewhere something inappropriate happening with someone, they don’t even talk about it, they let it go and to solve that problem was far. But it is somehow a form of peace-to not meddle in the affairs of others to some extent, but not complete peace, we can say it calmness and emperor Jehangir observed this calmness here. Not just this peace made him to said that ‘Kashmir is paradise on earth’ but many other things like he saw attractive gardens, exquisitely carved mountains, beautiful lakes etc here which lead him to say “if there is Paradise on earth it’s here” ultimately kashmir was a paradise we will hope good that may Kashmir will be a paradise soon again In-sha-allah.

KASHMIR-today I will commence this part by a poem by me about kashmir. And you can get an idea of the situation of people of present kashmir by reading it:

Desperate on my window,Sneaking through a small hole,Not able to see,But I only can hear and feel!What I hear?I hear the shrieks of those people who are crying in pain,For someone to come and rescue them,But ever since no one came,They try to die instead to be in the clenches of those….What I feel?.I feel the pain of those brothers who are in the clutches of those…who are oppressing them,without any feeling.I feel pity and compassionate and find myself in the river where blood is flowing in lieu of water,Where I try to recognize my brother,Showered in blood,I see my brother,I try to cry,But no one is there to listen me,

I presume you have got an idea of people of Kashmir, how people of Kashmir live in terror and fear in this valley in every minute of their life.

A common story

A mother in her home desperately waiting for her son to come and lit the light of their home, she keeps waiting, bur her son is still to come,she didn’t  even know whether her son is alive or dead. She begin to  roam around shrines and mosques in sake of her son to come,but nothing happened. She begin to convince herself that her son will come someday.Once she was sitting on her verandah and suddenly a news came that completely startled her that was ‘her son is no more he has got shahadat (martyrdom).She shrieked and suddenly collapsed!                 

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