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Kanhaiya Kumar – Rise of a New Dawn in Bihar Politics ?

Even though this campaign has received immense support, it has not been a smooth sail. Throughout his ongoing yatra, his convoy has been attacked 9 times.


With the fast-approaching legislative assembly elections in Bihar, bells of a possible loss have started ringing in the ears of many party leaders. All eyes are now towards a worthy contender to stand opposite Nitish Kumar in the upcoming polls. With Lalu Yadav in jail, there was a significant lack of strong opposition, which is evidently not the case now. During the last year people of Bihar have seen the rise of a new leader as the face of the CPI leader, Kanhaiya Kumar.

Even though he is fairly new to the Bihar politics, not even the opposition parties will deny the level of popularity he has among the people, all thanks to his involvement in various protests against the government while he was the president of Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union (JNUSU) and as a National leader of All India Students Federation (AISF).  There is an undeniable charm in the way he interacts with people and fights with them for their rights. He is an immaculate orator – a fact that is evident from his speeches that attracts the audience and forms a connection with the young leader.

Despite losing in last Lok Sabha elections (2019) while running from Begusarai, the charismatic youth leader didn’t lose his charm among the youth and certainly the Bihar power center can’t take him lightly. The loss in elections did not deter his confidence as he is again up and ready for the assembly elections that will take place later this year.

Since the last week of January, Kumar has been on a statewide tour of Bihar as part of his ‘Jan gan man yatra’. His yatra, which is a campaign against the controversial Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR), is supposed to conclude by the end of February. Every where he has gone up until now, saw a large number of people waiting to see him and hear his speech.

Even though this campaign has received immense support, it has not been a smooth sail. Throughout his ongoing yatra, his convoy has been attacked 9 times. After the repeated attacks, Satyanarayan Singh, CPI state head, said,” if government does not provide adequate security to Kanhaiya, we will be compelled to launch an agitation.” Kanhaiya kumar will be concluding his yatra on 27th February with a rally in Patna. Though the success of this rally is yet to be determined, it has however caused restlessness in the opposing parties. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic of the parties will change before the election, not ruling out the possibility of an alliance.

Tejaswi Yadav, who is currently the leader of the opposition, has the most threat over Kanhaiya’s growing popularity in Bihar. With the emergence of Kumar in the Bihar political scenario, both youth leaders are now being seen as strong challengers in the upcoming elections. While there is yet to be seen who among the opposition parties will officially stand for the position of next Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has claimed that NDA will win more than 200 out of total 243 seats in the assembly polls. Nitish also has now broken his silence on the controversial act, saying that NRC will not be implemented in Bihar and that the NPR will be implemented in its 2010 form, with an amendment.

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