It's Time Indians Woke Up

At a time when the whole world is  looking for hope and optimism while struggling to leave the travails of 2020 behind, even as the new year wears on a few hours from now, people in Kashmir are in deep pain and distress.To say ‘my blood is boiling’ is an understatement. Like all peace loving Kashmiris, I’m seething with anger, and one of elemental proportions. And that doesn’t quite capture my profound sense of loss and helplessness either, at this moment. My words beggar all description.

The story is again from the theatre of violence called Kashmir where three innocent young Kashmiris were murdered and their families devastated by the Indian ‘security forces’ yesterday in what is clearly being seen as a fake encounter. Their fault? I tell you: the sin of being Kashmiris, and in their teens to boot, whose blood sells like fresh beetroot juice in India, as the staple diet if you like, being fed to the people of India for free! Come to think of it, how else does one account for the fact that the slain young men were busy in their quotidian lives who were on their way to the university in connection with some formalities involving admission/exam etc. in the university? And the Indian TV screens flashed this heart wrenching development as a breaking news: “Three terrorists killed in Kashmir”!!

No wonder that the Indian media, both print and electronic, have been doing their bit in presenting a picture of Kashmir that doesn’t reflect the reality of Kashmir for what it is, but that suits the utterly devious agenda of their masters who have bought them over as their concubines in return for crumbs of pelf (and power) which are thrown at them for the favour.

The billion dollar question that has been nagging me, and all peace loving Indians is this: “Why do large sections of the Indian population, including the educated Indians, buy into what is actually an utterly malicious and false propaganda about a place and its people who are merely asking for the most basic and fundamental right to be heard? Perhaps only because the victims of gratuitous state-aided violence are not from amongst them! Should that be so – and indeed that appears to be so – one is face to face with a reality that reeks of a complete loss of empathy and of crass hypocrisy of those who are strangely being seen as the inheritors of ahimsa and compassion as is being made out of the “father of the nation”. History is replete with instances where those “who see evil and look the other way” meet their moment of comeuppance too soon to sit back and relax. The Germans learnt that lesson – and learnt that lesson the hard way – no sooner than their “invincible hero” met his moment of reckoning for his fraud and felony. Again, it’s History that alerts us to such apocalyptic moments soon visiting those who are closely following into the footsteps of Nazis and those who are replicating the taciturnity of Germans while their ‘Fuhrer’ was riding roughshod over those he would perceive as lesser mortals, as his bête noire. It’s time Indians woke up to see the monumental fraud for what it is, as is also being witnessed in the ongoing stand-off with the farmers. Else, it may be too late to matter.

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Written by M A Sofi


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