Isolated and Alive

(a brief on the new corona symptoms, a realistic view of the health-care scenario, and some resources to help you with the fight against this deadly pandemic)

Hi everyone, I’m writing this post as I recover from the second wave of Covid-19. Though I recovered, in another house in my family, I lost another family-member, my Nanu (grandfather) to Covid.

First of all, I will write about my encounter with Covid, in brief, so that you know the symptoms, realistically:

0. Point Zero is that if you travel, you will get infected. Gone are the days when Corona was merely numbers, now it is names — it’s me, you, your family member. So please, stay shut stay safe — do not travel unless necessary.

Following were the SYMPTOMS:

  1. An uneasy, itchy feeling in my throat.
  2. Feeling cold; shivering; cold-sweats; followed by fever.
  3. Feeling extreme exhaustion. Like my body is giving up already. Crazy spasmic and painful muscles; be it my torso or my calves, I felt the pain everywhere.

This was all in the very first day.

For the following days, I could manage only one meal, since I was so exhausted I couldn’t stay awake for more than 2–3 hours. I kept monitoring by O2 levels. Thankfully, my O2 remained above 95 throughout.

4. My fever went away after I took paracetamol on the first day. But I had i sore throat for a good 12 days.

5. And the exhaustion remains till today (it’s the 14th day since I felt my symptoms). I fall asleep anytime, because I’m just tired of sitting up straight.

Now the unfortunate news of my Nanu passing away and how it went:

Monday Morning: He went to the hospital for dialysis.Monday Afternoon: He felt he had a fever / high temperature.Monday Evening: Got his Covid test done.

Tuesday Morning: Covid report said covid +Looked for hospital beds near his area in Delhi, couldn’t find any in private hospitals in the vicinity. Someone called someone, who called someone important, so he was able to get a bed in a government hospital.Tuesday Evening: Got admit in the hospital.

Wednesday: No news.

Thursday Afternoon: Pronounced Dead.

My Nanu was 78 years old, he was weak since he used to get his dialysis done every now and then, but he had never been ill of anything before. He got Covid-19 and within 3 days, he was no more.


  1. Beds are not available, unless you know someone who knows someone important.
  2. If you are 60+, the hospital staff won’t really be able to divert their resources (O2 and doctors) toward you.
  3. If you’re 55+ with co-morbidities, your body will not be able to take the harsh symptoms of the second wave of corona without help — and help is something that’ll come to you a little late.
  4. Avoid going to the hospital and occupying a bed if you feel you will be able to recover through home quarantine. Let someone else who really, really needs it find it.
  5. Don’t panic please. Panic creates fear, and fear creates helplessness. Keep trying. Again, try to stay home, or consult your family doctor nearby if you feel you have symptoms; because rushing outside can mean that you bring back symptoms home.
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the youth must stay home as they may be carriers. Even though they make it through asymptomatic, they might just be aiding in the spread.


— — — — — — — — — x x x — — — — — — x x x — — — — — — — — — — –

Now for some verified HEALTH RESOURCES to aid against Corona:

???? IMPORTANT LINKS(All are Verified on 16th April 2021)

▪ ️For availability of Hospital Beds:

▪️ For e-pass during Night Curfew:

▪️ For Vaccination registration:

▪️ For Plasma Request:

▪️ Find Health Services closer to you on Map :


  5. COVID-19 Plasma Donor-Recipient :


6. KAB Welfare Foundation : 9810063261

7. NDTV plasma donation initiativeEmail: feedback@ndtv.comWhatsApp : 9910668811Reach out to NDTV with plasma requirement and prescription

8. Panthak Saanjh Initiative :Arranging donors for the patients at the time of emergencySunny Khera: +91–9999992492Gurbrinder Singh: +91–9958525752Gurjot Singh: +91–9953019389


Cipla customer care : 8657311088;

Hetero Helpline : 18001034696; whatsapp : 9320985814;

Hetero Healthcare (Mumbai) Priorities

Mr Yogesh Patil -9322067716 yogeshpatil@heterohealthcare.comMr Pathik Shah -9769727771Mr Vaibhav Khairnar -9272372811Mr Bose 9347341757 bose@heterohealthcare.comMr Vijay thorat 9820748050Mr Shastri 9820528432Mr Shenoy — 93231 43036

Hetero International & Cipla

Mr Pankaj Thakur : +91 8433946055Mr Bhavesh Shah : +91 9821044912Mr Rudra : +91 9833809177Mr Subhadeep Sinha : +91 9393922434

Distributors for Remdesivir

1. Nexus : +91 96644005752. Royal : +91 9820344456

For ACTEMRA (tocilizumab) — Cipla Ltd

S.K. Distributorsemail- hospitaldiv@sk1932.comMr Dhaval +919619861781+919930220993+918879142101

BYCULLA PHARMACY & STORES ***MR.Altaf — 09870008051 (Day time 9.00 Am to 9 Pm)Night shift : Mr Arun 02261313000/61313001

CIPLA LTDCustomer care : 8657311088info.availability@cipla.comMr Vinayagam — 99943 99990Mr Dipendra — 75079 46363Mr Apoorv — 96626 12576

(If you feel any of the above are mis-leading, please comment/reach out to me and let me know)

Lastly, a list of Mental-Health Practitioners to support you through this tough time.


  2. LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapists:

In case anyone needs any further help finding Mental Health Practitioners/Therapists, please comment and I will help you find one.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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