Islamic Sufism and Militancy : Same faith but way is different

Sufism and militancy embracing same thing in other way that their message amplied in different way among people.

‘Sufi and ‘Militant’ Islam are not opposing categories, history is gathered about biographical Memoir of militant Sufia.

Degestan-chechanya imam, Algeria emir Abdul kader and Libya’s sennusi order can be named in recent history.Nowadays due to confusion of terrorism wrong concept are amplifying, Sufism and Islam has been misrepresenting. those who uplift the sword in the name of Islam was called “Terrorist and fundamentalist” and those who were known it’s wrong they were Sufi, these categorisation is doctored.

Our Very first battle with excommunicational and especially with those excommunicational who called others cult an ‘apostate’ and they justifying it for killing them (Wajibul qatl).

Whereas our disagreement with these type of group who justifying to kill for embracing other cults, those type of group called excommunicational Islamic.

as we reached on the conclusion, above from them is those who explode bomb on civilians without any argument, Including these orthodox into ‘militant islam’ is absolutely wrong so as Including them into ‘Militant Islam’ is insultance of both Islam and Militant Islam.

Sufism always emphasizes introspection and spiritual closeness with God. while it’s sometimes misunderstood as a sect of Islam, it is actually a broader style of worship that transcends sects, direct follower attention inward also Christianity and Hinduism contributing substantially towards spiritual well- being of a large number of people within and outside Muslim world. So accordingly Sufism and Militant Islam misrepresenting among people.

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Written by Asif Khan


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