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I always resented how much more work it was to be friends with people, instead of keeping in Skype contact. I resented the wellbeing of my friends and took absolutely no interest in keeping in touch with them. I saw my friends from the context of a group and not as individuals with their own lives and their own personalities. I felt like too much effort to maintain a connection with them. After a while, I had to hit rock bottom and simply severed all connection with certain people in my social circle. I learned that it was not worth keeping a friendship alive that way.

Communication is paramount for any successful group effort. Most people think that friendship relies on a relationship built over years. The quicker you can sever the tie before anyone has to worry about it, the better. There are ways of communicating without face-to-face. Nobody you know really cares. The internet is a very quick and efficient way of keeping in contact.

Let me give you a very illustrative example of this: Unix and MS-Windows blow away all other platforms when it comes to running Windows applications. Unix requires much less original code to run because it is written in machine language. So Windows codes are always a lot faster than Unix versions. And many Unix programs are only compiled once so MS Codes never have to be rewritten. The speed advantage becomes even bigger if you compare the performance of different versions of the same application.

This means that there is no point in compiling in Windows or doing any kind of custom coding. The only saving grace is that you can run a lot more MS-DOS applications in MS-Windows mode than you can do in Unix mode.

Microsoft Windows improves in almost every way that you can try. But the biggest difference to Unix is the speed of the operating system. Anyone who is familiar with the development of MS-Windows will tell you the performance of an application written for Unix versus the performance of an application written for Windows is almost impossible to compare. Even with modern hardware, it is nearly impossible for a modern application written for MS-Windows (such as Word 2013) to run as smoothly as its Unix version does. But with modern hardware, Microsoft is capable of providing faster hardware under emulation. So there is absolutely no excuse to claim that performing a simple job in GIMP on your Windows machine is as smooth as it runs on your MS-Windows machine.

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