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Inferiorization of Indian Democracy

Is Indian democracy democratic? Is it people’s democracy? People’s right to vote/elect government is perhaps the main fact of this largest democracy. In fact, Indian democracy is political party dominated. Multi-parties of this democracy tactically make people (inactive majority) dependents on the political parties either in rule or in opposition. These political parties divide people into supporters and non-supporters. Obviously, supporters would enjoy benefits of different schemes when the particular political party in rule so that supporters have to participate in political programmes/activities. On the other part, it uses power to threat, torture and violence, etc. deliberately.

People of this nation are being treated as ‘Janata Janardan’ at the time of an election. But after the event, people become devils while elected members along with their affiliated political party become the ‘God’ and ‘Goddess’. Theoretically, democracy directs that people are the pillars and it is their nation. They elect the right caretakers for their safety and security as well as liberty of thought action which is ‘the only condition of life, of growth and well-being. Where it does not exist, the man, the race, the nation must go down.’Political party in rule uses to act according to its own purpose and purposively it looks after the interest of active majorities (corporate and elite). It ignores the interest of inactive majority rather than some kind of doles. It hardly ever listens or collects opinion of the inactive majority. On the other part, opponent political parties play the key role to object government policy and programme and propagate to create public opinion against the same aiming to bring people in favour of. It is just a preparedness for the next election.

During any crisis whatever it may be, political party in rule acts to strengthen its captive vote bank. It ignores other who does not support the government. Even it does not respect any suggestion to handling the crisis. Opponents walk through the same path. For example, eminent economists advised government to transfer cash to the poor during the corona virus pandemic. And opponents demanded for the same. But government did not consider it because all of them were against the government. Further, the Congress (INC) party demanded for cash transfer. It did not take any step for the same in the states where it rules.

This largest democracy has not yet succeeded to handle a single basic problem of the common. Here, political parties in rule or in opposition use to do business with dead bodies (corpses).Political leaders of almost all political parties cry for the poor and hungry like crocodiles. Their acting for the suffering is highly commendable like as actors in the stage or screen. They aspire for high grade living and those who have given this space are in low- grade living.  Through this political business, leaders enhance himself/herself and their family as well as relatives. Creation of wealth and misappropriation of power and authority have been the central focal point to the leaders.

In fact, when these leaders declare their wealth and assets in nomination, we get a handsome picture of their wealth making and holding. It is about more than double or sometimes five times within five years. It is the prime hindrance of inequity and injustice in this democracy. Poor people are entering into a state of backwardness, while leaders are from backward to upward. They take an oath to strengthen the safe and security and sovereignty of the country. In reality, they always search for own safety and security. Another unfortunate fact is that political parties nakedly empower anti-social and criminal, and they always use the idle for this purpose. They abuse them during the election and also throughout the year against anti-supporters and like such. They willfully create an environment of fear and violence. Whereas they publicize their work regularly through different social, electronic and print media. They expend more for revenue for the publicity than the programme for which this publicity is.

Then, it has been observed almost in all cases, law and order are under control and domination of the political party in rule. This ruling political party is desperately used for the ‘causeless cause’ and ‘groundless ground’. ‘The dominating qualities of men in power’ are ‘skill, prudence and industry.’ Now tolerance in politics is the biggest crisis of this largest democracy.Last of all, the democratic environment of India reminds ‘Can that be called society, which is formed by an aggregate of men who are like lumps of clay, like lifeless machine, like heaped-up pebbles?’ Now people’s suffering for food and others  during this pandemic is witnessing the inferiorization of this democracy.

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