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Whether you like Modi partially wholly or not please notice that the western press from NY Times , to Guardian, to Wash post , they are all anti Modi. Not one western outlet supports him. They always supported a Congress, true that hey always denigrated India . To 7ndestand this one has to understand the epistemological stance if the west from Aristotle, through Christianity through David Hum, Kant Hegel and JS Mill. They have all decided that he western narrative is superior and the substantiation done is presenting half truths through doxastic prejudicial premises that are ossified in their minds Aristotle set the stage by claiming that Hellenes were superior and he did that by rejecting critical thinking of Plato Hume and Kant shamelessly claim the superiority of the white man without critical thinking and JS Mill outrightly approved of the massacre of Indians in 1857 .Kant even claimed that only Whites could do mathematics not knowing that zero arithmetic decimal numbers negative numbers infunite series were all Indic inventions . It is not their fault as the west never had inductive logic as a science so they thought that whatever was their opinion was the truth . Tha Jains knew of the partial truth system asa narrative. Thomas Kuhn argues for the necessity of paradigm shifts but our western brothers in journalism have not moved a millimeter from Aristotelian Doxa. The sad part is that as an Indian I was not taught mind sciences , I was lied to in India about the western birth of epistemology and ontology I learnt all that in USA I learnt Yoga here and finally the inductive logic way after I had received my PhD in philosophy from The American University, in Neo Marxism and Phenomenology .
there are some things about Modi that may not be up to par but this is the first attempt by an Indian prime minister to set the stage for Indic narraive or The Parmenidian paradigm if one wants to stick to the west.

The west understands this and that is the reason it has continued a full throttle attack . I am not into Bhakti or god etc but am into epistemology and tennis . They fear that Indic narrative may submerge their fake narrative of “Miracle of Greece” . The hellenes who were mathematically challenged are seen as the founders of math and democracy. These challenged people calculated with Roman numerals Hindu mag was forbidden in Europe . the card of Greek mathematicians is restricted geometricisns of Alexandria which is not Greek but Egyptian . Their philosophy was killed by Aristotle who could not answer Parmenides so went on binge of Doxa meaning prejudicial opinion peddled as truth The wester media is on a rampage with Doxa . Unfortunately the English speaking Brains do not have a clue about this surreptitious move

why am I writing all this. I would like for you to critically evaluate each theme rather then fall into Doxa you are asking for farmers support but you have not presented your case . Critcical thinking happens in the west only science departments .
please do not dig your own graves by falling into the pit of western dogmatism .i will make up my mind when Ifully understand the issue . By sticking to British empiricism and thus rejecting due diligence you will fall into the trap that labels people brings the emotive juggernaut and justify any protest don’t give me the argument if rich vs poor I am a scholar of Marxism and am one to a degree. 

If India does not Industrialize fast as China has , be prepared for slavery again at the hands of China as Pakistan is or of the west . I consider material conditions and not some fake idea of bourgeois democracy Real freedom not just of News media that is an echo chamber of New York Times.
I am waiting for someone to give me reasons why opening up the markets will hurt the farmers.

and yes MrModi please pay attention to the riestablishment of Indian epistemology, ontology , linguistics and Mathematics , not just Bhakti traditions . Anekantavada, four cornered logic and seven valued logic . Pleas teach our kids the ontological roots of sunya Nd Purna that led to mathematics and do not let the west get away with lies  . Meanwhile before a Modi bashing Pleas read Indic philosophy and some Marx as well

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