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Indian Medical System in Shambles. Who is Responsible?

India, the land of Ayurveda, where we claim that plastic surgery was discovered and how it all shattered in the last 50 to 60 years, and now, we depend for good health care on foreign countries. We will discuss PROBLEMS IN INDIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM and STRUCTURE OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN INDIA, and how the government of India and its people can solve this problem.


  • Government hospital vs private hospital
  • Less medical colleges in India
  • Cost of studying in a medical stream in India is high as compared to other streams

Government hospital vs Private hospital

Government hospitals are in a complete chaos state, spare doctors; there are less staff for management; most of the staff in government hospitals are not even qualified to be in that post. The Indian government spends about 4.7% of its GDP on public health; even if one of the government hospitals wants to run correctly, they are relapsed by fewer funds.

Government hospitals attract people because they charge fewer fees, apart from that, no patient wants to get admitted to a government hospital. The government hospital is the central pillar of STRUCTURE OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN INDIA, but the irony is that we pay taxes to the government to build the hospital, and then we pay the private hospital for our treatment.

So, PROBLEM IN INDIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM is that we are paying for the government hospital to treat our health care problems, but its inefficiency is wasting taxpayer’s money. The private hospital runs to make a profit; they don’t build nations, they are multinational companies for their betterment, profit-making mindset is not right in the health care sector, because it is a basic need of human beings to get good health care at a reasonable price.

Private hospitals are destroying the STRUCTURE OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN INDIA, by treating a patient as their source of money-making and common Indian public in the name of right treatment are getting robbed by these private hospitals.

Cost of studying in the medical field is high as compared to other streams.

Fees for medical college in India is very high, apart from if you study in government running colleges, which are significantly less and have a smaller number of seats for the students to get enrolled. Where in case, private colleges have fees, starting from 20 lakh and ranging till 1 crore per annum for MBBS course in India, which eventually are the reasons of PROBLEM IN INDIAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

Less medical colleges in India

In India, where there are mushrooms of engineering colleges and why there are lesser number of medical colleges in India when eventually there is more demand for doctors than engineers in India.

There are significantly less government medical colleges in India, where to open private medical colleges, the institute should have 3 years of running hospital to get the MBBS course, which is not fulfilled by many institutes and they failed to get a licence from the authorities to run a medical college.

STRUCTURE OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN INDIA depends on its medical colleges, apart from, government or medical, future passed out of these colleges will solve the PROBLEMS IN INDIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.


  • India should have good state running hospitals, which can be achieved by spending a large amount of GDP in building STRUCTURE OF HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN INDIA. Dictatorship of the private hospital should get demolished, by improving staff management and hiring the right person for a particular job.
  • PROBLEMS IN INDIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM can be solved by opening more state-run medical colleges, which in fact will overshadow the dominance of high charging fees of private medical colleges.
  • WHO prescribed there is only 1 doctor for every 1445 Indians, this PROBLEM IN INDIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM can be solved by setting a bandwidth of fees that private medical colleges can charge.

The Government of India is responsible for not giving a good healthcare system to its citizens. Good health care system is the basic need that any progressive country can give it to their citizens. India is a developing nation, it should charge less for the treatment of their citizens, plus in return should provide reasonable quality medical treatment.

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